The premiere of season six on the Masked Singer aired this week with a two-night event. There were performances, wild cards, epic clues, guesses, and twists as they introduced Group A. It was a great start to season six.

Night one featured the Group A debuts and it was the first time in show history that there was a double elimination on the first episode. Beyond that night two showed the return of Group A and two wild cards joined the competition. Here are some highlights from both nights including performances, clues, and guesses.

Season Six Premiere Group A


The Black and white diva known as the Skunk sashayed onto the stage belting out a current ballad. She showed off a husky, classic voice that sounded like an old-school legend. Clearly, the Skunk is a professional based on both of her performances this week. The clues referenced her taking a break to focus on family but now she is ready to take the leap.

Clues: Newspaper, diva, family, disco and two sides.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Faith Evans

Mother Nature and Octopus

Mother Nature wowed everyone with her rendition of a classic song. She exemplified what the show is about which is having fun. Based on her singing and stage presence she may not be a professional singer. The clues gave the impression that she may be a comedian or actress.

Clues: Seasons, Waye Brady, green bird, protector, and penny.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Tiffany Haddish


Octopus gave a fun performance and he has an interesting voice. Though he may not be a professional singer he could be an athlete based on clues. Those clues referenced trouble with his career and overcoming it.

Clues: NBA, ego, eight, Lakers, and shark.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Dwight Howard


Bull has such a soulful voice with a distinct tone that sounded familiar. He gave off boy band vibes with his awesome dance moves. An early front-runner and one of the best singers they have ever had. His clues referenced having to be his own boss and was frequently turned down.

Clues: Tiger, Cooperstown, traveler, small town and Forbes.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Todrick Hall


Pufferfish mastered all the scales with her first performance showing off an amazing voice. It was a big surprise when she broke out into rap at the end of her first performance. The panelists believe she is a big star. The clues for Pufferfish talked about her unique vocal style and standing out in a crowd.

Clues: Disco ball, science class, boomerang, and electric guitar.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Toni Braxton

Wild Cards Premiere


Hamster is the first wild card contestant, and he did not disappoint. He has a nice voice and a lot of energy on stage. This is a fun character who does not appear to be a professional singer based on his singing and clues. The clue package including a lot of traveling and comedy clues.

Clues: Headphones, fish, different arenas, baseball hats, and strawberries.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Jack Black


The Baby is one of the creepiest costumes in show history. Despite the costume, he has an old-school-sounding voice in his performance that the panelists enjoyed. The clue referenced that he was in blockbuster movies and released albums.

Clues: rat pack, blockbuster, radio, city, and action.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Vin Diesel

Season Six Premiere Eliminations

Octopus was the first elimination of season six as there were many talented singers. He was revealed as eight-time NBA All-Star Dwight Howard. Since it was a double elimination the first night Mother Nature was sent home. She was revealed as an actress and host Vivica Fox. The second night elimination was upset as Pufferfish was revealed as singer Toni Braxton.

This two-night season premiere had some epic singers. It could be their biggest season yet. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox so don’t miss out.

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