Cam Newton looks on at a game during his time with the New England Patriots

On Tuesday morning, the Patriots shocked the NFL world by releasing Cam Newton. This move was done as a reaction to the team naming Mac Jones QB1 for the upcoming season. Even though Newton didn’t fit the Patriots’ plans, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be playing pro football anymore. There are plenty of teams where Newton would be an upgrade to their quarterback room. Here are three teams that could use Cam Newton right now on their football team.

1) Denver Broncos

Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock, the two quarterbacks that Cam Newton could play above

If Denver signed Cam Newton tomorrow, he would be the best quarterback on their roster. As evidenced by last year, the Drew Lock experiment didn’t really work out. Teddy Bridgewater is a serviceable quarterback but doesn’t have the same pedigree as a former MVP. For this reason, Denver is the number one landing spot for Cam. Even without the whole summer in the system, the Broncos could still come up with a run-first package that would play to Cam’s strengths. As the season went on, they could add more right in time for the playoff push. This would easily be the best plan for the Broncos’ upcoming season.

Looking towards the future, the Broncos seem to be one of the leaders for Aaron Rodgers after this season ends. For this reason, this year can be looked at as an experimental season. It is already known that they have one of the best groups of young weapons in the league with Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, and Noah Fant. If they can just find the right guy to get them the ball, the future could look really bright in the Rockies.

2) Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush, the quarterback room that Cam could walk into if signed by the Cowboys

In no world should Cam Newton start over Dak Prescott. That doesn’t mean that the Cowboys couldn’t use some insurance in their quarterback room. It was less than a year ago that Dak Prescott broke his ankle and he has yet to play a snap since. He could come back and light the league on fire. He could also have some issues being comfortable in the pocket after coming back from such a big injury. For this reason, it would be smart for the Cowboys to have some insurance behind him. Unfortunately for them, all they have is Cooper Rush after releasing Garrett Gilbert and Ben Dinucci today.

Cooper Rush is not a bad quarterback. He was solid at Central Michigan and has been fine when he has had to come in for the Cowboys. What he is not is a former MVP like Cam Newton. If the Cowboys could bring him in, it would immediately add the insurance they so desperately need for Dak Prescott. Cowboys fans are not known for their patience and if something happens to Dak it could be another long season for them. If they pick up Cam, at least they would have a fighting chance should something happen.

3) Edmonton Elks

Trevor Harris, the struggling quarterback for the Edmonton Elks

For many players, when things don’t go well in the NFL they look to our northern neighbors for a chance to continue living their dream. For Cam Newton, it could finally be his time to take a look at that route. Being beaten out by a 22-year-old who has only started for one year could be the beginning of the end. As for the Elks, they sit at the bottom of the CFL standings at 1-2 this season. Their quarterback, Trevor Harris, has thrown four interceptions in three games and had three in the season opener. Cam Newton would step onto the field as the best player in the CFL and it could be a good opportunity for him to rebuild some value before the next NFL season.

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