Quarterbacks in Week 2

This past week was undoubtedly the worst for starting quarterbacks all around the NFL of this short season. Several of them got injured in one way or another. Let us start this off with a bit of good news. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield injured his left shoulder during a game against the Texans. This occurred after making a tackle after he threw an interception. He came off the field holding his arm and went to the locker room to have it evaluated. Mayfield fortunately was able to return to the game. He helped his team win that contest. The severity of the injury is still unknown. The team hopes he will not have to miss practice time or even games because of this setback.

Quarterbacks Forced Out of Games

Now we move on to the bad news. Bears quarterback Andy Dalton had to leave his game because of a knee injury he sustained in the first half. He tried to return to the field but was unable to do so. Rookie Justin Fields finished the rest of the game for them as Dalton’s replacement. Carson Wentz of the Colts also got injured during this week. He rolled his ankle while a defender was attempting to sack him late in that game.

The quarterback injury bug continued to Miami next. Tua Tagovailoa exited in the first quarter of the Dolphins game. He suffered a rib injury and had to be carted off the field as a result. The last injury a quarterback sustained on Sunday was to Tyrod Taylor. Houston lost him to a hamstring injury in their game against Cleveland. That capped off a dismal day for quarterbacks getting hurt.

Injury Updates on the Quarterbacks

Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa being carted off the field due to a rib injury. "pictured here"

The number of injuries quarterbacks sustained this week was extremely high. Now let us look at how long they will be out. The initial thought on Dalton’s injury was a ton ACL. That diagnosis has since been changed to a bone bruise. He is expected to miss Week 3, but little is known beyond that currently. Fields might be able to take advantage of this opportunity and claim the spot for good. Wentz’s ankle injury is not even his first lower leg injury this month. He had surgery to remove a bone from his foot during training camp. The good news is it does not appear to be a fracture. He will be limited in terms of mobility though for the next couple of weeks.

Tagivialoa’s injury is reportedly considered day-to-day. X-rays came back negative for him which is great news. The bad news is he was in a lot of pain this last Sunday. It is uncertain if he will play this coming week against the Las Vegas Raiders. Taylor has already been ruled out for the Texans’ next game. This is no surprise as it is this Thursday night. Hamstring injuries are not something you want to battle the entire season. A setback can lead to missing an extended period of time.

Closing Thoughts

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