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Norma Dumont is now on a three-fight win streak, thanks to another decision for Dumont. As all three come off the cards, and it’s the 5th of her career. It wasn’t as exciting as last weeks main event highlighting the women, but in fairness the fight was changed late.

Had Dumont fought Holly Holm, she’d be in a much different battle than she was in against Aspen Ladd. The 26-year old Ladd looked physically okay in her featherweight debut. However, she continued to make the same mistakes as she has recently, despite the pleas from her corner. She continues to be way too patient and not charge forward, level change, and apply pressure on the ground.

Ladd finally started to snap out of that late in the fourth round, but Dumont had long established a jab. Dumont was disciplined and not throwing wildly as she controlled the range. While she wasn’t in there with a Khabib Nurmagomedov; Dumont showed solid defense by not getting taken down in the fight.

However, Ladd did open up Dumont’s nose in the closing moments of the contest with slicing elbows along the fence. And in the fourth round, she did land some ground and pound after a scramble:

Another Decision For Dumont, Is It Title Shot Worthy?

Had she taken Holm to the score cards, she might have a claim to want to fight Amanda Nunes. But in a very dry fight to watch, she didn’t prove worthy for a crack at the gold. Especially since the cards were 49-46 (2x), and 48-47. Was it a white wash? Sure, but it’s not like it was a 50-45 or bigger blasting.

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