Bryson DeChambeau is easily one of the most divisive names in all of golf. It seems that you’re either a critic or a fan. There’s no middle ground. And to his credit, Bryson goes about his business how he wants and, based on his track record on the PGA Tour, it seems to work for him. Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that he ventured outside the realm of traditional golf to try his hand at a long drive contest.

Professional Long Drivers Association World Championships

Dual Training Time

Considering his meticulous approach to chasing distance on tour, is it really any surprise that Bryson would enter a long drive event? Leading up to the Ryder Cup, he detailed how he was simultaneously training for the two very different events, going so far as to say his hands were “wrecked”. Immediately following the Ryder Cup, he traveled down to Mesquite, Nevada, to make his first foray into the real distance chase.


Although Bryson probably had lofty expectations for himself, most of his fans likely just wanted to see a respectable showing. Streamed live each day on YouTube, the competition was fierce and fielded 80 of the best vying for the title. The king of long drive himself, Kyle Berkshire, participated and was a likely favorite to win. In fact, following the first two rounds, Berkshire actually said on the live stream, “If Bryson continues to do this (filling up the grid) at speeds of 208-213 MPH, he will be in the final eight.” How prescient that proved to be in the end.

Ultimately finishing seventh out of 80, Bryson DeChambeau was please with how he fared. “I am definitely hungry to come back,” DeChambeau said. “I hope it fits in the schedule and we can work it out with the Tour to make sure it works right.” Moreover, he expressed that he hopes to help make this (and other) long drive events even bigger in the future as it brings a whole different dynamic to golf in a way that’s fun and enjoyable to watch. Berkshire eventually emerged victorious from what he referred to as a “stacked” field.

The Match V: Bryson vs. Brooks

Bryson hinted at it. Now we know what he was talking about. The fifth edition of “The Match” will feature golf’s biggest rivalry. The day after Thanksgiving, live from the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, these two will duke it out head to head in a 12-hole match broadcast on TNT. With all due respect to college football, the foes-turned-teammates-turned-apparent friends will make for appointment viewing. I don’t think this will be the last we’ve heard from this duo for quite a while. And golf fans are here for it all.

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