Expectations for the Chiefs in 2021

The Cheifs were projected to be one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL going into this season. They had a solid defense that featured the likes of Chris Jones and Tyrann Mathieu that could sustain a lead when needed. That was all the team required after all. They have a high-powered offense that can put together a game-winning drive in less than 30 seconds. This was mainly due to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He was the favorite to win his second NFL MVP award this year. It also helps that the franchise has offensive guru Andy Reid running the team as their head coach. Those two together make up what might be the best coach-quarterback duo in the league at the moment.

All this together made the organization the favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl. Expectations could not have been higher for this club. That meant anything different would be a downgrade from those projections.

Chiefs This Season

Kansas City Chiefs head Andy Reid standing on the sideline during a game. "pictured here"

I do not think anybody would argue with me in saying the Chiefs have not lived up to those expectations thus far. They currently sit at the bottom of their division with a 2-3 record. A lot of the blame can be placed on Mahomes. The former Super Bowl MVP has not had his best season. He himself said this to reporters recently saying he needs to “reevaluate what I’m doing.” The quarterback has thrown 6 INT through five games this season. That takes him out of the driver’s seat for the MVP this year. He currently sits behind the current favorite Kyler Murray according to Sports Betting Dime.

The interceptions are significant though. Mahomes had never thrown one in the month of September in his NFL career. The team also lost its first game in the month since he took over as starting quarterback. Those are two streaks you never want to see broken for an organization such as the Chiefs.

There are many out there that are starting to question whether he is even the best quarterback in the team’s division. Second-year player Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers is giving him a run for that title. Herbert has thrown for more yards and has half as many INT as Mahomes. The NFL may have an intradivision quarterback duel if this trend continues for years to come.

Can the Chiefs Salvage This Season?

Having a 2-3 record is never something to be proud of for an NFL franchise. There is however time to turn it around. We are only five weeks into a 17-game season. They do need to pick it up quickly though. The Chargers sit atop the division with a 4-1 record currently. The Chiefs also trail Buffalo in the conference. The Bills have the same record as the Chargers at this point. Kansas City has a lot of ground to make up to win either as it currently sits.

All the Chiefs need to get back on track is play like they are supposed to do. They are currently the third most likely to win the Super Bowl even with their record this season. The talent is clearly there for the team. They just need to come together as an organization to reach their true potential.

Closing Thoughts

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