Cheaters never prosper. That is what we are told as children, yet here we sit pondering the fact that LSU fired the wrong coach. The national championship head coach, Ed Orgeron has been told after this season he is out. The proven cheater, who has not won a national championship, Will Wade, is still the leader of the basketball program. Let’s examine both coaches and maybe you can explain why one coach was sent packing, and the other is allowed to stay.

Ed Orgeron’s case to keep his job:

He revitalized the program. Les Miles may have left as the second-winningest coach in LSU history, but he left after he deflated the program. When Ed Orgeron took over in 2016 as the interim head coach, he immediately lifted the program going 6-2 as interim, 9-4 in 2017, 10-3 in 2018, and of course, undefeated in 2019

He recruited and hired well. Coach O understood what kind of players and coaches he needed. He started by hiring Matt Canada as OC in 2017, and his best hire came in 2019 when he brought in the Saints assistant Joe Berry to run the pass-game in 2019. He also brought in a bevy of talented players, not only Freshman, but he landed Joe Burrow to team with Clyde Edward-Helaire, Ja’Marr Chase, and Justin Jefferson, to create the best offense in college football history.

Did LSU fire the wrong coach?

Ed Orgeron’s case to lose his job:

The last two seasons have proven Coach O has slipped, either in passion, or ability. He has not been able to “reload” like Alabama, Ohio St, or Clemson or been able to replace coaches who have left for greener pastures, with the same level of talent.

Coach O has been no stranger to scandal. He did not report rape allegations against his then running back Derrius Guice, that were reported to him. He also did not respond well when his players told him they planned to participate in a protest instead of practice. Orgeron is often considered a players coach, but he seems to have lost touch with his players.

Will Wade’s case to be keep his job:

Win percentage. He is 82-39 overall and 48-24 in the SEC. Wade won the SEC in the 2018-19 season and went to the Sweet Sixteen. He had one other NCAA Tournament appearance last year.

Blackmail. He has to have something on someone, there is no other reason, right?

On a scale of 1-4, how much do you hate Will Wade?

Will Wade’s case to lose his job:

He is a scumbag, a cheater, a fraud. Will Wade was caught on tape offering a recruit a substantial financial offer to come to play for the Tigers. His punishment? He forfeited a bonus, and the University has a precedent to fire him if more violations happen. How many coaches have lost their job following an unproven accusation of paying players to come to their school? Why does the other guy in the taped conversation go to prison, while Wade enjoys the comfort of an SEC coaching position? According to Sports Illustrated, Wade is still under investigation, but how does he still have a job? I can appreciate waiting for the complete facts in most cases, but the taped conversation between Wade and Christian Dawkins should be enough in this situation.


The reality is, LSU has reason to let go of Ed Orgeron, but they have no reason to keep Will Wade. Do you agree? Share your thoughts on Coach O and/or Will Wade. You can reach out to me through Twitter or Instagram and can hear more of my thoughts on The Sports Stove Podcast.

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