On paper, Matt Nagy hasn’t had a bad tenure as the head coach of the Chicago Bears. The Bears have gone 31-23, made the playoffs in two out of three seasons he’s been head coach and the players have seemed to buy into him. While all those things on paper have been good, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. The Bears haven’t won any playoff games, their defense has carried them each time, the Bears have struggled against playoff teams and really have only been successful against non-contenders. Nagy was brought in to fix the Bears offense and he hasn’t got the job done. Nagy offenses have ranked in the bottom of the league during his whole time in Chicago. The Bears should let Matt Nagy go and hire someone else to facilitate the development of Justin Fields.

Unprofessional Behavior

Matt Nagy handled having to give up play-calling duties like a child who got a toy taken away. Nagy had an opportunity to show flexibility but instead behaved like a child who got a toy taken away. I was kind of appalled that George McCaskey didn’t at least reprimand him for that. Nagy has shown how inept he is as a play-caller judging by the Bears’ statistical finishes offensively. I’m not sure how much evidence one needs when they see his offenses struggling to move the ball and score points. Nagy is currently planted squarely on the hot seat and should be doing everything in his power to save his job. Unfortunately, he let his ego dictate his behavior.

Matt Nagy is too stubborn to accept the fact that offensive coordinator, Bill Lazor is a better play-caller. While most Andy Reid disciples have called plays, they are at least good at it and have accomplished more than Nagy. The worst mistake a man can make is not asking for help with a weakness. Matt Nagy has made this mistake.

Messing Up Justin Fields Development

Matt Nagy also has mishandled the development of Justin Fields this year. While being cautious with a prospect is smart, Nagy got it all wrong. Rather than splitting up the first-team reps between Andy Dalton and Justin Fields, he gave them all to Dalton. This delayed Fields developing chemistry between himself and the tight ends and receivers. This ultimately came back to hurt the Bears when they were forced to start Fields when Dalton got hurt. While the chemistry has gotten better; the development could have easily been done earlier and Nagy could have still started Dalton if he wanted. Imagine what would have happened had Andy Dalton not gotten hurt. Fields would have lots of catching up to do all thanks to Matt Nagy’s love for Dalton.

There are Better Candidates Out There

With a once in a generation young quarterback on the roster, the Bears head coaching job will be one of the most attractive this offseason. The candidates look very promising as well. Coaches like Kellen Moore, Brian Daboll, and Joe Brady all have put together successful offenses. More importantly, Moore and Daboll have had their quarterbacks thriving and becoming MVP contenders. Also, they’re probably capable of asking for help and not letting their ego get in the way of coaching. Bears fans are probably dreaming on what kind of wonders can be done for Justin Fields and the offense.

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