There comes a time when everyone must make a change. Sometimes, it winds up being for the better. Whether this one goes good or horribly bad, is a coin flip guess. Struggling welterweight, Mike Perry leaves UFC, for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships.

The word was first broken on twitter:

and he followed it up with:

At one point, “Platinum’s” come forward and slug it out made him the apple of Dana White’s eye. But that fighting style is one that can not be sustained over a long period of time. And troubles mounted outside the cage for him as well. He bounced from camp to camp (mind you, that’s not necessarily a bad thing), had domestic issues, amongst others, besides adding his girlfriend as his corner person as more of a cheerleader than advice giver.

Mike Perry Leaves UFC, Heads To BKFC

He leaves the UFC on a two-fight losing streak, and was 7-8 overall for the organization. And upon signing the undisclosed contract, Perry said:

“Let’s skip all the formalities! This sport is evolving and I’m here to strike fear into the hearts of my competitors! I plan to intimidate the world when I show the world what a truly skilled combat specialist is capable of with his bare hands”

Then BKFC President David Feldman made the following statement:

“We’re thrilled to bring Mike aboard to our vast stable of exciting fighters. Over the last seven years he’s proven to be one of the toughest fighters in mixed martial arts, and his skills set along with his aggressive style works very well for our growing international fan base”

The problem lies in the damage he’s already suffered and what awaits him. More than just a handful of MMA fighters have tried and failed at bare knuckle. Some have indeed succeeded at it. But those are the ones that keep their head off the centerline, and don’t look to throw bombs with every punch. However, at the age of 30, he does have time to return to MMA.

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