The NFL has forced Myles Garrett into making an extremely tough decision. A physical specimen and one of the league’s most feared defenders, when Myles Garret takes the field, viewers and the opposing offense can’t take their eyes off him. Especially when Garrett elects to go sleeveless. The NFL took note and let Garret know that he was being “randomly” drug tested. Something that Garrett, in the beginning, found to be comical.

Unphased by the NFL’s “random” drug test, Myles Garrett once again dawned a sleeveless uniform. Though the drug test clearly came back negative, the NFL wasn’t convinced a human being could be so swole. So, once again, the NFL hit Myles Garrett with another “random” drug test. Only this time, Garrett wasn’t so amused.

Sadly, according to Myles Garrett himself, last Sunday was the last time we’ll see sleeveless Garrett in action. If we’re being honest, who can blame him? Up until he went sleeveless, Garrett had never received a random drug test. What are the odds that the two times Garrett elects to go sleeveless, he gets hit with two different drug tests? Coincidence? I think not!

Why Is This Happening?

Someone in the NFL is clearly jealous of Myles Garrett’s physic. They dealt with it as long as he covered up, but as soon as he started to flaunt his muscles, all bets were off. Could it be someone who works with the drug testing department? Is a fellow AFC rival trying to get Garrett suspended? Or, is Rodger Goodell himself ashamed that Garrett has more muscle in his right arm than he has in his entire body?

Either way, Myles Garrett has elected to be the… bigger man… and retire the gun show. Luckily for the viewing public, they can still watch Garrett wreak havoc wherever the NFL is playing games; only now, he’ll be sleeved up. I hope that the jealous soul that’s responsible for this crime feels ashamed of themselves. Nobody with a body that looks like it was sculpted by greek gods should feel as though they must hide it from the viewing public. Rest in peace, sleeveless Myles.

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