The Masked Singer episode five of season six premiered this week. As the characters of group B returned for their second performance and a new wild card enters the game.

Group B brought the heat this week and helped us get to know them on a more personal level. This season has been the craziest one yet with twist after twist. Here is a breakdown of all the biggest clues, epic performances, and reveal.

Episode Five Performances

Banana Split

The Banana Split duo opened the show with a big theatric performance that showed off their talent. They are some of the most technical artists on the show, therefore, they have to be professional singers. Their clues referenced cooking together and romance novels.

Clues: Cookbook, first aid kit, fantasy, reality, ball, and big parties.

Most Popular Internet Guess: David Foster and Katharine McPhee


Mallard sang a song that was out of his comfort zone, and it was surprisingly good. He even rapped during the performance which impressed the panelists. Based on clues Mallard is not a singer by trade although he mentions releasing music in the past.

Clues: Fourth grade, love at first sight, sweet tea, married and dimples.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Thomas Rhett

More From Episode Five


Cupcake gave another beautiful performance and she danced a little bit. The clues referenced that it’s been a long time since she has performed solo and is used to sharing the spotlight. Based on the clues Cupcake could be someone from a group.

Clues: Hopeless romantic, husbands, double trouble, Whole Foods, needle, and thread.  

Most Popular Internet Guess: Ruth Pointer

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts was given a standing ovation for her excellent performance as her vocals were mesmerizing. She is the first singer in show history to sing a song in a foreign language and did not disappoint. The clues that Queen of Hearts referenced were about her using a dating site to find love.

Clues: Alps, shy, dating profile, books, motorcycle, and outdoors.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Jewel

Episode Five Wild Card


The Caterpillar was introduced as a wild card and the costume is so cute with bright colorful details. He surprised everyone with his amazing voice and that falsetto making him a contender out of the gate. The panelists were thinking he is from a boy band based on performance and clues. In his clues, Caterpillar mentions having a tough time before he found success.

Clues: Metamorphosis, homeless, TV appearances, jail, text, and boy band.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Aaron Carter

Group B Date Night Reveal

The Cupcake was eliminated this week. She was revealed as Grammy Award singer Ruth Pointer who is known for being in the group The Pointer Sisters. She threw everyone for a loop for a while.

Season Six has some talented singers that seem to surprise every week with just how good they are. Tune in next week as Group A returns to the stage. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox at 7/8 c.

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