Vikings versus Lions

The Detroit Lions recorded their first victory of the season against the Minnesota Vikings 29-27 this past Sunday. Detroit won the matchup on a touchdown pass from Jared Goff to Amon-Ra St. Brown on the final play of the game. They were the final NFL team to get a win this year. It may have happened in Week 13, but I guarantee the Lions do not care. They were just happy to have won a game for their rookie head coach Dan Campbell. The fact that they did so without running back D’Andre Swift in the lineup due to injury is even more impressive.

As a sports fan, I am so happy to see the Lions win a game this season. I never want to see a team at any level not get a victory all year. The football expert in me took a little shot at my integrity. I previously wrote on this platform a couple of articles about how Detroit was not good at all this year. While that statement is still true, they did prove me wrong by winning a game this season.

Fallout From the Lions’ Victory

The Detroit Lions celebrating their victory over the Minnesota Vikings. "pictured here"
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The Lions are absolutely ecstatic to have won a contest this season. The same cannot be said for the Vikings. The 2021 season has not been a great one for Minnesota with a record of 5-7 after Week 13. Head coach Mike Zimmer was reportedly already on the hot seat, but this loss may have sealed his fate. The Vikings have been stagnated during his tenure with the club.

Current starting quarterback Kirk Cousins has been above average at best during his time in Minnesota. Several other players in their core are also getting up there in age. Wider receiver Adam Thielen and safety Harrison Smith are on the wrong side of 30 as well. It may be time for a fresh face to lead the team as a head coach into the future. They have a few good young players in Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Danielle Hunter. Those three would make the Vikings a very attractive landing spot for any candidate looking to help take a team to the next level.

Closing Thoughts

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