One of the fastest and most innovative industries, the gambling industry, has become a top influencer in people’s lives. It is easily accessible anytime and anywhere with the use of the internet. Although online gambling is a way to interact and relax, some countries don’t see it the same way.

Gambling is illegal in several countries, including Qatar, Brunei, Japan, and Singapore. However, online gambling is legal in Canada, whether you’re playing with foreign or Canadian online casinos. Thus, it’s not uncommon to see gambling ads during sports game commercials. 

One may find ads about the best mobile casinos, sports betting, or the latest games they offer. Unfortunately, these ads typically run up to six times in one game. This may be too excessive for people who just want to watch the game. So how many ads are appropriate that benefit consumers?

How Gambling Ads Influence People

A plethora of gambling ads posted on several media platforms has raised concerns about further encouraging individuals to gamble. Advertisements are one of the most powerful tools that impact people’s way of life. Gambling ads influence one’s views and emotions that gambling is a regular daily activity.

The minor population is most affected by all the viewers who have seen gambling ads. According to research in several countries, including Australia, Canada, and the US, 82 percent of teenagers are involved in gambling activities, and 15 percent are at risk of having a gambling addiction. So one may ask – why are young adults most targeted? 

Most young adults watch TV and use social media. According to statistics, 96 percent of young adults view gambling ads on TV, while over 90 percent on social media sites. It’s as simple as watching sports on TV and then gambling with a sports betting site at the same time because ads encourage it. It’s an impactful, yet somehow disregarded marketing technique. 

An ad may seem harmless at first, but the mere fact it informs people of the great opportunities gambling offers, people tend to take the bait. Moreover, since these ads portray gambling as a form of entertainment that is fun or an easy way to make money, people normalize the idea of gambling as a harmless activity. However, some organizations have already made rules and regulations on advertising gambling-related sites. 

Content and Medium of Gambling Ads 

There are several methods a gambling site can advertise, including commercial advertisements, products, celebrity endorsements, sports sponsorship, social media, mobile gaming, and many more. An ad may be harmful, depending on its content. For instance, a misleading and deceptive casino ad is highly discouraged. Especially if it has false promises of winning. 

Moreover, some ads may promote irresponsible activities rather than responsible gambling. Another troubling gambling ad targets the wrong audience, including children and vulnerable viewers. 

Rules for Gambling Advertising

Since it poses more harm for people, several social media sites have created policies on gambling promotion. For instance, Facebook’s online gambling advertising policy indicates that gambling ads need prior written permission and should not target children below 18. According to Section 31 of the Gaming Control Act of Ontario Canada, casino advertising is allowed provided certain conditions are met. These include not advertising to young audiences, and not promoting personal success. 

As for advertising and marketing standards in British Columbia, gambling ads must promote responsible gambling, indicate the odds of winning, and not advertise to children. 

Should Gambling Ads Be Banned?

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Gambling advertising laws were created to protect consumers, and these laws must strictly be followed by casino operators. However, despite having policies, some countries chose to ban gambling ads. One of the countries banning gambling ads is Italy, which implemented a blanket ban. 

Italy banned all gambling ads across all mediums, including football sponsorship. Belgium banned gambling ads in 2018. However, casino operators in Belgium can still advertise by only advertising their games on specific sites while following strict policies. 

So if you’re looking for new casino sites to play in other countries, you may not be able to find them in ads. However, you can still read the best casino reviews from several gaming sites available. These sites don’t have ads but only detailed and honest reviews of online casinos worldwide. 

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