Recently, a select few NFL teams have been meeting at their opponent’s logo before game time. The Raiders did it to the Chiefs this past Sunday, and the Titans just did so to the Steelers. You’d think the Titans would’ve refrained from doing so after watching the beatdown the Raiders suffered, but apparently, it didn’t persuade them. Unlike last week’s Raiders, the Titans controlled the Steelers early and had a 13-3 lead entering the third quarter. However, just like the Raiders did last week, the Titans completely collapsed.

The Steelers outscored the Titans 16-0 in the second half and forced three turnovers on route to a win. Not as embarrassing as the Raiders being down 35-3 at the half, but still an ugly end to a game the Titans should’ve won. With a win, Tennesee would’ve become the #1 seed in the AFC. Due to their loss, however, the Chiefs now have sole possession of the top seed. The good news for Tennesee is that they’re still on top of the AFC South, and thanks to their schedule, will probably win it with ease.

The bad news, they’ve likely lost an opportunity to give Derrick Henry an extra week off. With all that being said, teams should refrain from meeting on opposing logos for the rest of humanity. NFL teams are now 0-2 when they congregate on the road team’s logo. Granted, it’s a small sample size, but from what we’ve seen thus far, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s one thing to lose when your team takes to the field and plays, but it’s another thing when your team makes a spectacle before the game and follows it up with an embarrassing loss.

Maybe, one of these days, a team will win after migrating to center field. If I had to place money on a team to do so, I’d bet the Chiefs, Buccaneers, or Packers. Basically, any team with a proven stud quarterback and a great head coach. Something that numerous organizations are desperately trying to find. Nonetheless, the next time a team ponders walking to the center of their opponent’s field, they should refer to what happened to the Titans and Raiders.

In All Seriousness…

I enjoy seeing these types of shenanigans from NFL teams during the game. It takes guts to hold a hype meeting on your opponent’s logo, and it’s a fun image visually. NFL fans have been critical of the league for its emphasis on taunting, claiming that it’s taking the fun out of the sport. Quite frankly, I mostly agree with that sentiment. The fact that a player will get penalized for flexing towards an opponent is simply ridiculous.

However, the NFL wants its image to be classier, and this is how they plan to do so. Right or wrong, it’s their choice to upset their own fans and players. Hence why people have nicknamed the NFL the “No Fun League.” Knowing the NFL, they’ll probably try to ban pre-game logo meetings claiming that it’s not a good image for children. I hope they won’t, but if every team that does this winds up losing, then they might as well.

Best of luck to the next team that dares to meet on their opponent’s logo!

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