Dak Prescott has been a model citizen since coming into the NFL in 2016 as a fourth-round pick. He’s never had an off-the-field misstep and has always said the right thing at the podium. Even during the NFL’s nation-dividing kneeling controversy, Dak towed the company line. He’s been an advocate for mental health and is one of the most liked players in the NFL. However, after the Cowboys Wildcard loss to the 49ers, Dak Prescott could not have been more disappointing.

After the game, Cowboys fans were videoed throwing trash in what appeared to be the direction of Cowboy’s players. When Dak was asked about garbage being thrown, he originally disowned the fans and their actions. However, after Dak was told that the fans were actually throwing the trash in the direction of the NFL’s referees, Dak Prescott sang their praises. 

ESPN’s and former Dallas Cowboys first-round pick, Marcus Spears, was quick to dismiss Dak Prescott’s comments saying, “Miss me with that ref sh*t.”

I, personally, am more in line with the thinking of Marcus Spears. There are many reasons the Cowboys lost to the 49ers that have nothing to do with the referees. The Cowboys were sloppy in their execution, their offense and defense couldn’t get out of their own way, and the 49ers took advantage of that. Dallas’s defense did everything it could to give their team a shot, but their offense couldn’t move the ball effectively. In the end, Dak Prescott played some of his worst football at the worst time.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) looks on after throwing an incomplete pass, turning the ball over on downs to the San Francisco 49ers during a wild card NFL football game, Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022, in Arlington, Texas. San Francisco won 23-17. (AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

However, there’s a more pressing issue with Dak’s comments after their disappointing but predictable loss.

Can’t Have it Both Ways Dak

You cannot shame fans for throwing trash because you think it’s aimed at you and your team, but then applaud them for the same action because it was aimed towards someone you take issue with. That’s simply not how this works, especially in the world of sports. During the NBA’s 2021 playoffs, fans were back in the stands, and there were multiple incidents where fans stepped over the line. Athletes everywhere condemned the fans and echoed the same sentiment. Just because you bought a ticket to the game doesn’t mean you can act and do whatever you want to other human beings. 

Dak Prescott applauding Cowboys fans for throwing trash at the referees is no different. Those are human beings who go home to their families just as Dak Prescott does at the end of their day. It is shameful that Dak would say what he said when he’s carried himself with such class throughout his career. Now, given the type of person that Dak Prescott has shown to be, I do believe that he will at some point apologize. More than likely, he was simply caught up in his emotions and said the wrong thing. Unlike Antonio Brown, Dak Prescott deserves the benefit of the doubt.

In the end, it was an ugly game for Dak and an even uglier press conference. One that I’m sure Dak will want to forget and put behind him. It’s onto the off-season for the Dallas Cowboys as they hope to retool and make another run in 2022.

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