Height – 6’2”          Weight – 237lb      Class – SR

Career Statistics

2021 Stats – 111 Tackles, 22 TFL, 7 Sacks, 4 INT, 6 PD, 1 FF
Career Stats – 256 Tackles, 43 TFL, 15.5 Sacks, 5 INT, 8 PD, 2 FF

Attribute Breakdown

Tackling – Lloyd was a tackling machine for the Utes. He possesses the unreal ability to leap and finish tackles perfectly even against his momentum. Using a great technique and phenomenal length, he hardly misses.

Blitzing – Was often used as a blitzer despite a very low pass-block win rate. He was often shut down completely and has a very small (even non-existent) pass rush arsenal. His ability to finish the play with TFLs or Sacks is outstanding but getting there wasn’t consistent enough.

Range – Freaky speed due to his very long strides help him reach every point of the field in an instant. There is no patch of grass safe from Devin Lloyd.

Football IQ – Here he is very raw. Lloyd possesses phenomenal football instincts and has great ball skills, but his placement in coverage and decision-making is seriously lacking. He often chose to cover receivers that were already being covered or crash on the QB when multiple defenders were blocking the running lane.

Man Coverage – Lloyd is twitchy and quick, and he understands route concepts very well due to his background as a receiver. He wasn’t tasked with a lot of man coverage, but he has the tools to excel.

Zone Coverage – Very poor zone coverage skills. He often looked lost in coverage, looking around him for receivers instead of “feeling” the field and shifting to the right spot. Instead of gliding to his spot he often tried to look and run there, which makes him nearly non-existent to a QB. Without looking at the ball his arm radius and cut-off ability is compromised, and only his size is in the way. His placement is also very bad, he was consistently off the spot by a few feet, opening up passing lanes he should’ve been blocking. However, he has a great ability to read the QB’s eyes when he commits to that method, so the raw tools are there, he just needs plenty of coaching.

Quickness & Athleticism – Lightning quick and agile. Lloyd looks like he was shot out of a rocket every time he runs, and his closing speed is jaw-dropping.

Block Shedding – Struggled mightily shedding blocks, both as a blitzer and on the second level. He has the toughness to not be thrown off the mark too far, but this is a weakness of his.

Combine – As an explosive athlete with rare physical tools, measuring in an inch shorter than expected and running a 4.66 40 did not bode well for our expectations of him. To be fair, he jumped a 10’6″ broad jump, which was among the best in this draft.

Devin Lloyd is long, and has a wingspan for days


Devin Lloyd is one of the most naturally gifted and raw players in this draft. He has a background in playing Wide Receiver, Safety, and even Punter. A freak athlete with all the necessary physical tools, and then some, Lloyd is a tantalizing prospect.
He is lightning fast, quick, twitchy, and has phenomenal length, not to mention his tantalizing height of 6’3”.
On the other hand, his technique and technical abilities are extremely lacking. He is consistently off the spot in zone coverage, and he can’t shed blocks. He also made way too many poor decisions in coverage.
Lloyd is a tantalizing prospect with his elite physical traits, but he should be viewed as a true project with elite HOF potential.

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