On January 13th, Cam Reddish was traded from the Atlanta Hawks to the New York Knicks. This particular trade before the deadline stood out. After all, he would reunite with his former college teammate RJ Barrett. The pair of former Duke Blue Devils were excited at the opportunity to play together. But, NBA fans had to wonder: could Zion Williamson join them in New York?

Zion Williamson’s Situation

The former #1 overall pick in 2019 has yet to play this season. After suffering a broken foot this past offseason, Zion Williamson opted for surgery. Despite Pelicans GM David Griffin assuring that he would be back for the regular season, there have been delays to Williamson’s recovery.

Currently, the team announced Zion’s right foot has “improved bone healing”.

Once again, it seems as if he isn’t making any progress to step on the court despite this “improvement.”

It’s clear that the New Orleans Pelicans will be a better team once Zion gets healthy and steps back on the court. So, where did the idea of trading Zion come in the first place?

Before the deadline, New Orleans was able to trade for SG CJ McCollum from the Portland Trail Blazers. Usually, players would send out a welcome to their newest addition.

However, it was reported that Zion did not reach out to CJ after the trade went down. The news circulated, and analysts such as JJ Redick blasted the former Duke star.

Another former NBA player gave his thoughts on the Zion Williamson situation.

Zion did reach out to McCollum eventually, but this goes farther than the failure to contact his new teammate.

There is a distrust between Williamson and David Griffin. Zion’s camp believes he is not truthful, which has led to the detachment of Zion away from the team.

In all, many wouldn’t be surprised if WIlliamson was traded this upcoming offseason.

So, Zion to the New York Knicks?

If there’s a chance you can pair up Zion with Barrett and Reddish, you do it if you’re Leon Rose. A trade package that may make sense is this.

Add in a few first round picks, and the Pelicans may bite at this trade. If you’re the Pelicans, you’re acquiring a young, electric power forward in Obi Toppin. Kemba Walker would bring veteran leadership to a young Pelicans squad.

For the Knicks, adding Zion to the team makes them “must-see TV”. Not only will you have three former Duke teammates reunited, but you have a formidable starting lineup. Immanuel Quickley, Evan Fournier, RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, and Zion Williamson? Though a bit undersized, Madison Square Garden will be rocking when they take the court.

The trade I provided is a simple one. Other players could be added or removed, but it’s just an example of one that may work for both sides.

In the end, having Randle and Zion dominate in the paint will be a scary sight to see if he does leave New Orleans. Julius Randle is capable of being a three-level scorer, so there should be little to no concern about the paint being clogged.

The best part about having Zion and RJ on the New York Knicks together? More plays like this.

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