In less than two months, what looked like a good team comes to an end. Demetrius Andrade, Boo Boo‘s leaving Hearn and MatchRoom Boxing after his fight with Zach Parker. But in the world of boxing, nothing is truly ever ending.

Eddie Hearn has tried over and over again to get the WBO Middleweight Champion the fights he deserves. But for whatever reason; whether Andrade truly is the boogeyman at 160, or there’s something more personal; the duo could just not get over the hump. Although it would be nice to be afly on the wall and get the real reason why no one’s getting into the ring with him. Maybe it’s a case of he’s just too quiet.

What’s more mind boggling is the fact he holds a belt. And with lots of fighters saying they want to unify, eventually that means someone would have to sign the dotted line. Hearn said:

“We love Demetrius. But he’s a stage in his career where he really needs the big fights. If he could land one, I’ sure he’ll work with us. But if someone else can land one, that’s something he should look at as well”.

The talented southpaw has been chasing Canelo Alvarez and is fighting Parker for the interim Super Middleweight strap next to lure him. But we all know, that won’t work.

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Boo Boo’s Leaving Hearn; Where Does He Land

There are a couple of spots the Providence Southpaw could go, and all are interesting landing spots. If after the 168-fight he wanted to cross the border of 160 consistently, WBA Champion Ryota Murata is under the Top Rank banner. He next face’s Hearn’s GGG. Andrade, if he signs with Bob Arum could call dibs for the winner. Andrade could always head to PBC and might have an easier way to then fight Jermall Charlo, David Benavidez, Caleb Plant, or Anthony Dirrell. And Oscar de la Hoya has Jaime Munguia at Golden Boy.

Or what he might need is some help from a governing body to put their foot down and demand someone fight him. Then again that might only happen after pigs fly.

Here’s two-thoughts however. Jake Paul is currently only promoting Amanda Serrano. He’s talked about looking into adding some fighters. Well, that would be a nice addition, plus it would grow the eyes on him exponentially. And the other is more hot-stove-ish. The rumor mill is swirling that Gervonta Davis‘ last fight with Floyd Mayweather will be the Romero fight in Brooklyn. What if Floyd took hold of Andrade. Or if Mayweather and Hearn swapped contracts; Andrade for Tank, straight up.

Like they say, “When one door closes, another opens”. So don’t shed a tear for Andrade, promoters know deep down that he’s worth adding to their stable.

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