Ht – 6’6”          Wt – 252lb      Class – SR        Age – 23

Career Statistics

2021 Stats – 62 Rec, 756 Yds, 6 TD (12 Games Played)
Career Stats – 168 Rec, 2181 Yds, 23 TD (43 Games Played)

Attribute Breakdown

Hands & Ball Skills – Soft and sticky hands, Kolar is a natural receiver. He catches in traffic well, although he did have a few catches punched free. His ball-tracking ability is elite, and he is a true “toss it up” type of Tight End.

Size & Speed – Doesn’t have elite top-end speed, but he is above average. His size is truly elite, with a massive 6’6” frame.

Blocking – He blocks way too high, which makes him susceptible to being bull-rushed or thrown around. He will need to learn to lower his center of gravity, as he has the functional power to hold a reliable anchor. As of now, he is far from being a reliable blocker, but he has the natural tools. It’s very likely he can develop into a consistent and reliable blocker.

Routes & Separation – Kolar is a natural receiver, and he is a menace in goal-to-go situations 1v1. He has a great jab step and uses outstanding head fakes and hesitations to create tons of separation. After he separates, he has enough speed to maintain the separation. Regardless, he also has a great ability to catch in traffic.

YAC – Very smooth after the catch. Kolar can stick his foot in the ground and turn uphill in an instant, and he is excellent at evading tacklers. Although he isn’t shifty and quick, he has plenty of moves and contact balance to make him a great tackle-breaker.

Football IQ – Kolar possesses a great feel for the game. He uses spacing to his advantage consistently, and he cuts off his routes or sits in the zone with precision. In blocking, he never misses an assignment, and although his abilities aren’t great, his understanding of blocking concepts and nuances is underrated.

Jason Elmquist/Stillwater News Press Iowa State tight end Charlie Kolar (88) hauls in a catch in the second half of a college football game against Oklahoma State on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020, in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Charlie Kolar is a massive body, who happens to be an elite receiving threat at the Tight End position. His natural abilities are great, and while he has plenty of room to improve, he is already a viable threat.
Using excellent hands, ball tracking, route running, and football IQ, he is dangerous. He was consistently focused on by defenses and was an easy mismatch target when single-covered, even against better competition like Clemson or Oklahoma.
His blocking, however, demands improvement. While he has the abilities, he plays with a very high center of gravity, and gets tossed around way too much. He also can’t hold an anchor, for the same reason. This is coachable, but worth noting.
Kolar reminds me a lot of Mark Andrews. While he isn’t an elite blocker now, it’s easy to envision a path to elite Tight End status, through improvement as a blocker and unstoppable receiving abilities.

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