Ht – 6’4”          Wt – 243lb      Class – SR        Age – 22

Career Statistics

2021 Stats – 42 Rec, 725 Yds, 5 TD (11 Games Played)
Career Stats – 77 Rec, 1353 Yds, 11 TD (24 Games Played)

Attribute Breakdown

Hands & Ball Skills – Great ball skills, but predictable. When adjusting for the ball he adjusts very early, making it easier for the defenders to break up the pass. His hands are also very good, but he struggled to catch in traffic. Maintaining the catch through defenders was difficult for him as well.

Size & Speed – Lacking in both areas. While Dulcich is a great athlete, and he possesses tons of raw speed for a Tight End, he has very little functional play speed. He struggled greatly to break away from defenders during routes or after the catch.

Run Blocking – When pull-blocking or blocking in space, he is very up and down. When he gets his hands on you, he will erase you. On the other hand, he struggles to square up and get his hands on you in a phone booth. His lack of size likely leads to his inability to maintain an anchor while advancing toward the target. He does, however, have a great leg drive to force open lanes.

Pass Blocking – While Dulcich is very athletic, his lack of size, power, and anchor make him a true liability in pass coverage. He can be bull-rushed by any semi-powerful edge rusher. He is a brick wall against smaller blitzers when his anchor isn’t challenged, so that’s something.

Release – Smooth, but not perfect. While he is very sound at the line, using great hand technique and good lateral bounce, he got jammed a few times.

Routes & Separation – As a converted Wide Receiver, he is a very good route runner, with great suddenness for a Tight End. He has great change of direction skills as well. After route breaks, he gets way too hung up on the QB to focus on running through his routes. This causes the little separation he gained to vanish.

YAC – Very shifty and shaky for a Tight End. After the catch Dulcich is very aware of spacing and blocks, and how to avoid crashing defenders. He made many defenders miss in open space, and when defenders attempt to tackle him, he is very good at keeping his balance and shaking them off. Despite his lack of speed, those moves are always good for at least an extra few yards. He was 2nd in the FBS in Yards Per Reception among Tight Ends, and that wasn’t due to deep targets.

Football IQ – Dulcich is a confusing evaluation in this regard. When running routes in space, he is very aware of defenders and teammates around him. On the other hand, when curling or sitting in a zone soft spot, he usually is too close to defenders. It’s likely the former comes from his lack of play speed during routes. This would point to a poor feel for the spacing of the game.

Combine – Pre-Combine, we all presumed Dulcich to be an elite athlete. Unfortunately, his numbers came back very average. All his drill numbers were good, but none were Top 3 among Tight Ends (no drill had more than 11 participants).

Dulcich showed surprising movement ability after the catch


There’s something very exciting about Greg Dulcich. I can’t spell it out, but many plays were very promising. However, on a trait-for-trait basis, he isn’t an NFL-caliber Tight End. Even on those few plays, he didn’t do anything to make me believe he can be a star. He just looks the part, with the length, presumed athleticism, and great blocking reps.
When you get down to examine his abilities, he is truly subpar. His blocking is great, but only when already locked on, his hands are good but not through traffic, he has good routes but terrible separation. The list goes on.
Dulcich is undersized weight-wise and not exceptionally athletic or fast. He isn’t an elite route-runner or a technically sound blocker. His prospects aren’t very bright.

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