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A lot of time fights just don’t live up to the hype. Especially when the term “making history” is thrown at them. But this time it did, and then some. In ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road THIS will be looked at as the fight that leveled up the game in women’s boxing. And hopefully stop the disrespect that it gets. Despite this; there’s some key rematch pluses and minuses if the powers that be want to run back Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor.

Things said post-fight in the ring, or even at the post-fight pressers should be taken with a grain of salt. So with Taylor, Serrano, Jake_Paul and Eddie Hearn all saying yes let’s do it again; let’s see if that’s the song they sing in a week when the smoke clears.

Ask both pros and fans of the sweet science, and the answer is yes. Do it again, and possibly again after that, then once more too. If they were on the other side of 30-years old maybe. But that’s not the case. So realistically, should this just be an amazing one off. Or, is this the women’s version of Ali vs Frazier?

Claressa Shields said it’s time to test three-minute rounds for the women, starting at 8-rounds with them. If this fight went that way, the night would have ended earlier with a “And New” announcement from David Diamante. But you have to wonder does every other female boxer have the ability to go three. Unless boxing commissions went with something like title fights are three, and all other female fights are two-minute rounds. But that would lead to multiple issues as well.

Rematch Pluses And Minuses Realistically

Coming in the thought was Taylor would be hit harder than she ever has. And that did happen… in spades. So much so that another path might need to be taken. Should she walk away now, while on top. Like they say, “it’s better to retire too soon, than too late”. No one would blame Taylor for deciding at the age of 35 she’s had enough.

Serrano digs into Taylor’s body

She single-handily brought women’s boxing to Ireland, and for that her name will be remembered for all-time. There’s absolutely nothing she hasn’t done. But the wrecking ball she got clocked with in the middle rounds almost cost her her belts. And her last three-fights left questions what was in her tank. Yes; her guts, heart, and underrated chin carried her through once again, but this time was oh so close to not.

And that might have deep in Serrano’s subconscious cost her the fight. Even as she slightly took her foot off the gas, giving the Irish queen some hope. Serrano has more than double the fights Taylor does. She has more knockouts than Taylor has fights. But Taylor’s more effective of a puncher with the IQ to boot.

If they run things back, conceivably Ireland this time it’ll make money. And oodles of it. That’s a positive for all involved. However on the flip side; if Serrano does finish her, they’d want to probably lock in a trilogy, with a possible landing spot of Puerto Rico. Do either ladies want to deal with the physical punishment wars like this take out of you. Wars shorten lives.

It’s doubtful either Serrano or Taylor can change their styles enough to drastically change how the fight plays out. It’s just a constant flip of the coin. And it’s almost impossible to sweep battles like this. So the belts in essence become hot potatoes.

It was great, there was heart and sportsmanship, but sometimes one-offs are the way to go.

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