The season seven finale of The Masked Singer premiered this week in dramatic fashion. This week the winner from each of the final rounds competed head-to-head in an epic battle. Also, there were more reveals at the end.

Each contestant performed at least one song as they all left it on the stage. It was a fun way to end the season that has been filled with fun, talent, and big surprises. Also, all singers were revealed at the end of the show but only one was crowned the winner. If you missed it here is a recap of performances and who went home.

Season Seven Finale


Firefly gave two good performances this week as she tried to outdo the other two singers. She has a beautiful voice and can hit some big notes as evident in the finale. Also, the panelists continue to be impressed by her though it would be nice to see her dance more. Her clues referenced that she came out of retirement to do the show.

Clues: Piano, basketball, podium, number seven, dancing, and retirement.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Monica

Frog Prince

Frog Prince has been one of the biggest surprises in season seven. He only gave one performance, and it was amazing. There is a lot to like about his voice and how he uses it. Also, his stage presence has made him fun to watch. The clues for Frog Prince referenced that he acted in various TV shows and plays.

Clues: TV, cameras, fans, Fox network, Broadway, and love.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Ben Platt


Ringmaster gave two strong performances in the season finale. Each week she has gotten stronger and more confident. She has one of the best voices we have heard on the show in a while. Therefore it was a joy to watch this season. This week her clues referenced that she was in a previous competition.

Clues: 80s, shows, princess, hail, mouse, and songwriter.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Hayley Orrantia

Reveals and Champion

All three of the contestants revealed themselves and they were huge surprises. Frog Prince was eliminated after his performance and was revealed as award-winning actor Cheyenne Jackson. Therefore he is known for his work in television.

The second singer eliminated was Ringmaster who turned out to be Hayley Orrantia. They also eliminated the Firefly who was actress Teyana Taylor. The show crowned her the champion.

Another amazing season of The Masked Singer in the books and it was fun. It will be interesting to see how they top it. The Masked Singer will return this fall for season eight.

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