Road to the Finals episode of The Masked Singer premiered this week. As we prepare for the season seven finale next there was a look back at the best moments, reveals, and a preview of what to expect next week.

Season seven is going down as one of the best yet. There were so many talented singers that were revealed to be big stars. Also, the change in a format created some excitement as they broke it down into three teams The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly. They split up and performed as part of three groups representing their team. Here is a recap of the season and previewing for each contestant prior to the finale.

Road to the Finals


The Firefly is representing Group A and has been considered a major contender from the beginning. Her big voice that has so much range has impressed the panelists from the beginning. Though her attitude and drama on stage may hurt her chances. She will probably do a ballad for her final performance.

Clues Recap: city, triple threat, dancer, spotlight, tiara, model, and microphone.

Popular Guesses: Alicia Keys, Monica, and Brandy.


Ringmaster is one of the biggest surprises in season seven as she represents Group B. She has done a good job of tackling challenging songs that show off her amazing voice. In her clues, she mentioned that she will perform a fun song where she would have to dance. This season the Ringmaster had to survive multiple knock-out rounds on her road to the finals.

Clues Recap: Disney, 90s, California, cats, Girl Scout badges, and powerhouse.

Popular Guesses: Taylor Swift, Hayley Orrantia, and Victoria Justice.

Frog Prince

The final contender representing Group C is the Frog Prince. He has a talented broadway-style to his voice and performance. In his clues, he mentioned that people do not know him for music. This season he had to get past some amazing legendary singers in his quest for finals. Therefore, expect to see another upbeat performance next week.

Clues Recap: wolf, actor, small town, New York, dance floor, and challenge.

Popular Guesses: Ben Platt, Darren Criss, and Cheyenne Jackson

More From Road to Finals

This week on the road to the finals we recapped season seven reliving the best moments and gaining some new clues. There will be some epic competition in the finale, and we will finally see who is behind these masks. Everyone should brush up on their clues because you never know.

There have been some talented singers this season and it will be fun to see what happens next. Tune in next week for the Season Finale that looks to be the best one yet. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox at 7/8 c.

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