Ken Block will, unfortunately, be unable to race at Pikes Peak this weekend. This is the result of a blown block on his new Porsche 911 “Hoonipigasus”. 

What Happened? 

Ken Block was taking a practice run up Pikes Peak when the engine of the Hoonipigasus dropped a valve causing a engine failure. The BBi Autosport and Hoonigan Racing Division teams tried to fix the engine, they even flew in parts from California, but the clock unfortunately ran out and they missed qualifying. As a result of missing qualifying, he will not be able to race Pikes Peak this weekend. Him and the entire BBi and HRD teams are gutted. This was probably the second worst thing that could’ve happened this weekend. That’s probably one of the only good things about it: it was the second-worst, not the worst. 

At Least It Happened Now And Not Later

The one good take away from this was the fact that it happened on a practice run. It could’ve been a lot worse if the Hoonipigasus dropped a valve half way up Pikes Peak, leaving Ken Block stranded until help could arrive. Luckily Block was able to make it back to service. 

What Was The Hoonipigasus?

The Hoonipigasus is a custom built Porsche 911. The car was custom built by BBi Autosport. The Hoonipigasus has 1400 horses and only weighs 1000kg, it also features GPS height-adjusted suspension, which uses data from last year’s event to make adjustments on the fly. 

Maybe He’ll Have More Luck Next Year 

The 2022 running of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb obviously didn’t have the result Ken Block wanted. As a result of his misfortune Ken Block will have to wait an extra year to tackle Pikes Peak. Ken Block will return to Pikes Peak in 2023 in the Hoonipigasus and hopefully finish what he started

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