UFC Vegas 57: UFC Apex; Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s a very good reason why American Top Team founder Dan Lambert wasn’t really looking forward to Arman Tsarukyan and Mateusz Gamrot fighting right now. He knew better than anyone just how mirror-like the teammates are. However, it makes the lightweight future looks as bright as the sun on an August morning.

But after a 25-minute serious pace game of chess, what is there to do next? Dana White and the powers that be at the UFC don’t always run things back immediately. They do tend to like some space between contests so close. This one though, can be run back next; say in November. And this time in front of a packed arena. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the Apex. The company though has now seen what the two bring out in each other. And the fighters deserve a bigger “pop”. As a matter of fact, this could wind up being one of those tight rivalries built into a best of five.

There can be no doubt that UFC fans now looking into their crystal balls can’t be excited. The young always eat the old, and the turnover has begun. Yes the usual suspects more than remain, but now there’s more at the big kids table.

Tsarukyan’s countering early pushed Gamrot. And the scrambles, especially early may have been some of the best in a while. Gamrot had Tsarukyan in some situations he’s never been in. So it is a learning experience for him.

Can’t Go Wrong With Any Matchup Now As Lightweight Future Looks Bright

So, you have to give credit to Gamrot shooting his shot now calling out Justin Gaethje. He picked up his pace even higher as the fight went on helping him land the unanimous decision 48-47 winning rounds 3-5. But in fairness, it could have easily been a split decision, or even a draw. What may have given him the final edge is Tsarukyan’s countering and kicking were just a smidge behind the boxing and grappling of Gamrot. Which continues the trend of how key wrestling now is in MMA.

But Gaethje is a power starter, and his pace grows the more he’s pushed. When you fight the Trevor Wittman pupil you deal with two things. Wittman’s master planning, and Gaethje craziness. Not to say the fight wouldn’t be fun. But it’s an all-in call for Gamrot right there, with Gaethje holding a full house.

The better path may be to fight the winner of next month’s Rafael Dos Anjos and Rafael Fiziev fight. And the loser of that could face Tsarukyan. Then run these two back. And lets not forget; Islam Makhachev isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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