Midseason storylines in MLB to follow this summer include All-Star Game, Draft, and hot and cold teams. Fans should be prepared for more fun baseball stories and events.

The 2022 season is in full swing and heading towards that midway point. Teams and players are getting hot. Baseball is a streaky and long game where there is immense data and trends that are fun to follow. They also create some interesting storylines like the ones below.

Midseason Streaks

There are teams that are going through hot and cold streaks. For instance, the Guardians, Padres, and Mets are going through a hot streak where they win ten or more games at a time. These teams are usually doing everything right like hitting big home runs, and quality pitching. Also, they are finding ways to win games by doing little things. While the Braves and Yankees are just unbeatable right now. Both teams are playing good baseball overall and their stars are really showing up.

Another hot team is the Boston Red Sox as they have won five series in a row sweeping the Athletics and Orioles. Though they may be playing weaker teams it seems that they are firing on all cylinders. It will be fun to see if these teams can maintain their success because baseball is a challenging game.

Cold streaks are tough to watch because it seems like everything that can go wrong does. When a team is on a cold streak they are losing multiple games at a time and overall struggling in all aspects of the game. A prime example of this is the Rockies because they have struggled with losing streaks all year. They are making bad plays and pitching poorly at times. The Diamondbacks are not consistent with winning multiple games at a time. The Angels have struggled through weeks-long cold streaks. They just got out of a losing streak where they lost more than ten games in a row. It’s interesting because all of these teams with huge star players are capable of making game-changing plays and good pitchers too.

All-Star Game Update, Draft, and More

It is that time of year to start thinking about the All-Star Game. The initial votes are out with plenty of surprises and snubs. The Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting the 2022 All-Star Game on July 19th and the Home Run Derby on July 18th. There are some exceptional players in the game that are showcased at the events.

The Yankees and Braves are leading the way on votes as they are the best two teams. It’s clear that fan favorites in big markets have the advantage over those who play for small market teams. There is still time for fans to vote for their favorites.

Some other things to look forward to are the Draft and trade deadline. The draft takes place July 17-19 where amateur baseball players are assigned to teams. This year the draft order will be based on the reverse order of the 2021 season standings. There are already mock drafts and player profiles for fans to enjoy. Outfielders Elijah Green and Drew Jones are going to be two of the top players in the draft. Brock Porter is the best pitcher in the draft and should be exciting to watch. This year we will see a lot of outfielders and middle infielders go in the top rounds based on mock drafts. Also, the trade deadline is on August 2nd when there is always a lot of action and where we may see a lot of pitchers change teams.

It’s a fun time for baseball and a lot to look forward to in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Stay tuned for more on these stories.

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