These Colorado Rockies players made a case for being in the 2022 All-Star Game. They are showcasing their talent during this stretch where the Rockies are playing seventeen straight games against the National League West.

The Rockies are currently ending a stretch of playing rival NL West teams. These are teams they have won two out of three against each of them during the last road trip. They have some players that are showing off their power hitting big home runs, playing better defense, and pitching well.  Here is the case for some of the Rockies that should be considered for an All-Star bid.

Rockies Players All-Star Case

CJ Cron will represent the Rockies in the All-Star Game on July 19th. He has 20 home runs, 65 RBIs, and .899 OPS that lead the team making him well deserving of the honor.  Cron plays an exceptional first base making some unbelievable plays. Also, he hits these unbelievable home runs that have been fun to watch.

Rockies closer Daniel Bard has made a case to represent the team as he is deserving with his excellent numbers.  This year he has a 2.05 ERA and 16 saves which are at the top of many reliever categories. It’s nice to see him rebound from last year when he struggled and even lost the closer spot for a while. He has been fun to watch this year and gives the Rockies a good chance to win.

Other Cases

The Rockies have other players that made a case for themselves. Charlie Blackmon is always thought of when it comes to All-Star Game talk because he is one of the best players in MLB. He has consistent offense, a power bat when needed, and exceptional defense in the right field. There is a lot to like about the way he plays the game. There is stiff competition in the outfield this year.

Jose Iglesias made a nice case for being considered as he is thriving for Colorado, especially on the road. He has an NL-leading road average of .370 and .306 overall to prove that he is capable of being an offensive player. It’s interesting because this is an area where Rockies hitters tend to struggle. His defense is as good as advertised making some big plays that many players cannot make. Therefore, Iglesias should have been considered seriously because he has been one of the best players in his position.

The Rockies have underperformed but they still have some talented players that should get attention because they deserve it. Fans should keep an eye on these players as they are poised to do big things. Stay tuned for more on the Rockies and MLB.

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