The MLB trade deadline 2022 is fast approaching with teams weighing their most significant needs with the deadline for August 2nd at 6 pm ET. There will be buyers and sellers that will create plenty of drama.

For teams in contention, the deadline allows them to bolster their rosters ahead of the stretch run. There are also the clubs that are having a disappointing season that will be making moves to improve their outlook. There are now six playoff spots in each league with the additional wild card spot, so it means more teams are in contention. Here are the teams that could be buyers and sellers at the trade deadline.

Trade Deadline Buyers

There are more buyers this season due to extra playoff spots and some big-name players that could be on the trade block. Such as the Giants who look to be highly active as they are at the top of the NL West, and they need some help on offense. They could be in on star outfielder Juan Soto who would help shore up their offense and defense. The Red Sox desperately needs rotation help considering the injury to Chris Sale. Also, they are looking for an upgrade at first base.  

The Dodgers are expected to be the biggest buyer during the deadline as they will want to shore up the roster. They will try to make a big splash and get a big-name player like Soto. Also, fans should keep an eye on the Yankees and Mets who will more than likely be in on similar deals. Both teams could use some pitching help and depth.


There will be some teams looking to part with big-name players and get some pieces for the future. One team that could be a major seller is the struggling Angels. They have stars in Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani who they may explore trades for. The Diamondbacks dropped eight of their last eleven heading into the break possibly sealing their fate as sellers. They may seek to move Madison Bumgarner and Christian Walker who are having good seasons.

The rebuilding Cubs could be the most active sellers this year. Also, they have Willson Contreras and closer David Robertson available for the right price. They may bring in some nice prospects for the Cubs. Another seller could be the Tigers whose 2022 season has been disappointing at best. Therefore, they may look to move veteran players like Robbie Grossman and Michael Fulmer. The Tigers need to get some young players and rebuild their depth.

The trade deadline is always a fun and stressful time in baseball. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Fans may see something like the free agency frenzy right before the lockout that delayed the season. Stay tuned for more on MLB and the trade deadline.

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