The 2022 MLB trade deadline has concluded, and it was a frenzy of moves. There were many big deals that took place and storylines to follow. Here are some winners and takeaways from the trade deadline.

It can be a fun and stressful time for those in MLB. This year, fans saw their team‘s star players move from team-to-team in unpredictable moves. There were players that were expected to move teams, but stayed put. The deadline gives us a clear picture of what teams trying to do fothe postseason race, and who may be rebuilding.

Trade Deadline Winners

When you are in the thick of a postseason race and you add generational star power, as the Padres did, then you are the winner. The Padres made a huge blockbuster trade landing star outfielder Juan Soto and basemen Josh Bell from the Nationals. In return, Washington received young impactful players like CJ Abrams and Luke Voit. Players like Soto only come around so often, so they seize the opportunity. Also, the Padres got Josh Hader from the Brewers, which is a good deal, because he is the best closer in baseball. Therefore, time will tell if these moves make a difference in the Padres’ fate.

Other notable moves are the Luis Castillo deal to Mariners, and Whit Merrifield to the Blue Jays. Both teams were trying to shore up rosters during the postseason race. The Red Sox made a nice deal for Eric Hosmer who can help them fill in the void at first base. Once again, Joey Gallo will be changing teams at the deadline, as he heads to the Dodgers.

Other Take Aways

There were players that were expected to be moved during the deadline that are staying put. Willson Contreras, Ian Happ, and J.D Martinez will remain on the current teams. These players were the subject of many moves and could have helped teams in contention. It will be interesting to see what happens to them in the offseason.

Orioles, Guardians, and Giants could have done more at the trade deadline. They each have some issues to address such as pitching and depth. There were plenty of players on the market, but the asking price may have been too high.  Also, the Rockies were the only team that did not make a trade and are at a crossroads of what to do next. Baseball is in an interesting place with more teams contending, but they still saw less action on the market. Stay tuned for more as the season gets closer to the end.

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