What is Slapshot Sweethearts?

Breaking the sports glass ceiling with two female hosts, bringing the hottest takes to our favorite winter sport! The Slapshot Sweethearts Podcast, launched weekly, is for any and all hockey fans looking for great discussion. Although we are fans of the Bruins, Capitals, and Penguins respectively, we cover the entire league; good, bad, and ugly. Hosts Megan and Shannon met at sorority recruitment in their undergrad, and have been close friends ever since (talk about good, bad, and ugly right?) Now out of school (well undergrad at least) and living on different coasts, the two record this podcast as a way to share both their sports passion, as well as their incomparable friendship with the world. Come join us for a glass of wine, some jersey debate, and great company as we dive into all things NHL. Sponsored by PURE HOCKEY

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