Mike Brown Belly Up Sports – A graduate of the University of Toledo (Go Rockets) in 2007, with a bachelors in Sports Marketing and Sales. Mike has always had interest in sports and social media with the hopes to one day launch his own sports media/brand/website. In 2013 Mike, with the help of another Belly Up Founder (Blaine), launched an extreme sports brand and it gradually took off. ​​

For nearly 5 years Mike and Blaine ran this brand with much success but had a bigger plan. In 2018, Mike put his initial brand on hold and partnered with Blaine (again) and Brandon to create Belly Up Sports! Since January of 2018 Belly Up Sports has grown and recently surpassed over 100 team members. From Writers, Podcasters, Editors, Social Media Managers, Content Creators, Personalities and much much more, Belly Up Sports is right on par to be the next big thing within in the next few years!

Everyday, as Belly Up continues to grow and improve while putting out the best content available. We look for your feedback. Feedback that will help shape the future of the brand and really allow us to gauge our creative culture and move forward in the industry. Setting us apart from the typical boring sports casters and companies that continue to ruin sports!

Weather it be through Social Media, The Forum or in the comments of an article we wanna know how we are doing and what we can do better.  We strive to be the best and with that comes high expectations that we feel slim to none can match with the same results.

Actually, who are we kidding! We really don’t care because we don’t plan on going anywhere, but thanks for the read!  Check out Mike’s personal twitter here or Mike’s Podcast!