This past weekend, an unlikely streak came to an end for Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis. It’s also not a streak to be proud of. The hitless streak that started last September for Chris Davis’s came to an end when he hit a 2-run rbi single off of Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello. It ended at 54 at bats. Soon as he made it safe to first base, he asked to save the baseball for Davis to keep. Even Porcello tipped his hat to Davis. He broke the record last Monday when he lined out on his 47th at bat.

Chris Davis signed a 7 year $161 million dollar contract in 2016. The Orioles will continue to pay him long after that until 2037 because of deferred money. Just to show you how bad Davis and this contract was during this streak, Davis made $2 million since his last hit. He makes $142 thousand dollars a game. The Orioles signed him to this huge deal because of his homeruns. On Monday, the day after he ended his hitless streak, he finally launched one out of the park.

Here’s a couple things that have happened during the streak:

ABC brought their show from the 80’s and 90’s “Rosanne” back. Then turned around and cancelled “Rosanne” only to rename it “The Connor’s”.

There was a government shut down and that even ended quicker then Chris Davis’s streak.

The Alliance of American football started their inaugural season.

The Alliance of American football folded.

Comparing to other sports streaks

Trying to compare just how bad this streak was to other sports streaks is hard. One that can be close to this is Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26 game losing streak back in 1976. Another baseball streak that went longer then Davis’s was of course the Boston Red Sox world series drought. That streak went 106 years. Since I am an Orioles fan, I have to put a Yankee one in here. How about Arron judges 37 game strikeout streak in 2017?

So yes. The streak has ended for Chris Davis. He also got his first home run of the season out of the way. Davis is also batting .333 since ending his hitless streak. Lets see if he can make up for a bad streak with a hot streak now. Until next time, this is your good friend Jimbo signing off.

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