Why Americans are so Unpatriotic Towards the Patriots

You are an average to below average kid in high school. You see the most popular boys in school always getting the popular and beautiful …

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So Why Now? The Matt Patricia Debacle

Meet Matt Patricia Born September 13, 1974. Grew up in Sherrill, New York. Married to Raina Patricia and the couple have two sons and a …

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The Modern Day RB – A Shell of it’s Former Self

3,062 carries, 15,269 yards, 5.0 yards per carry and 99TDs. This is what Barry Sanders did in his 10 year career with the Detroit Lions. …

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Football Podcasts

College Footall


My Interview with Coach Jason Brown

Let me first start off by saying that is was an honor to interview Coach Jason Brown during our recent podcast- “On Tap Talk.” Coach …

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UMD Football: My Take

If none of you have read the ESPN article about the toxic culture of the UMD football program under Coach DJ Durkin, read it after …

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Grading all the College Football Conference Realignments since 2010

Big Ten: C Schools Added: Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers Schools Lost: None The Big Ten kicked off all the realignment drama back in 2009 when …

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Alabama Fan, Golden State Fan, Patriots Fan: Sympathy for the Modern Sports Dynasty

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wins and rings. I’ve been around for a few years now, bought a jersey and …

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2018 College Football Week 1 Potential Upsets

* All match up predictor graphs are a product of ESPN Oklahoma vs Florida Atlantic Saturday, September 1 | 11:00 a.m. (CT) | FOX Oklahoma …

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College Football Returns – What Does It Mean?

So yeah, I know, there’s really been four football games already. None of them were the SEC so it’s not technically the real season yet. …

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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

I Picked Up Mike Davis and Feel as Bad as I Did Two Years Ago

I’ll get to Mike Davis and how I feel just terrible about acquiring him in a minute. But first, a tale. Back in October 2018, …

College Football

The Best #CFBPickemPod Games of 2020

For now, we have some positive signs that college football will be played this fall. States are reopening. Athletic activities and events are slowly beginning …

Fantasy sports on a cell phone
Fantasy Football

The Benefits of Fantasy Sports to the Sports Industry

As e-sports and online entertainment continue to grow, sporting events are the latest to revolutionize fan interaction with fantasy sports. Whether it is the Premier …

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