Cleveland, what are you doing? You were doing so good shutting out all of the people bitching about the controversy about Chief WaHoo and you finally give in. What a shame. I was so proud of you. I am a Tigers fan and a hater of all Cleveland sports due to the arrogance of my friends who loooooove the Cavs and can’t keep LeBron Shames dick out of their mouth for long enough to say “He never bitches about calls”… but I was still proud of you. You didn’t care about the PC police knocking on your door.

There is something about the logos of the New York Yankees “NY”, Detroit Tigers Old English “D” and the LA Dodgers scripted logo that is something iconic and has always been associated with the teams. They are timeless logos and still look good to this day. As a side note, there is something about a scripted logo that scratches me right where I itch but that is another story.

A Chief WaHoo Tribute

The Indians chief Wahoo was an iconic logo as far as I am concerned and since I can remember it has always been a good looking logo. Recently, there has been a bit of bitching and moaning going on about how offensive the logo is.


As a member of the registered American Indian community, I hereby declare that I could not give a single cigarette smoking solar-powered Mach 5 flying fuck about a cartoon logo depicting what looks like an embarrassing attempt at drawing an Indian. I think it looks nothing like my great uncle Ves who was the Chief of (my tribe will remain nameless) for a number of years. It also looks nothing like my great grandpa Frank either. Or my grandma, or me. I could jump in on that one. I could get behind the “This logo is terribly inaccurate” movement but unfortunately that is not a thing. The look of logo relative to modern Indians isn’t the focus of the controversy.

Is Chief WaHoo Offensive?

The focus of the controversy, from my understanding, is that it is insensitive to the Indian nations in the United States. It is a sign that nobody cares about the deaths of the Indians when the Europeans came over on the Mayfly, Pinto Bean and Santa Mariyah. I understand the term redskin comes from the scalping of Indians and I understand that the Europeans were brutal to the indigenous people. They used a lot of man power and were unbelievably aggressive towards the Indians. Poor Indians, right?

Have you ever wondered why the Europeans were so brutal in their tactics? Have you ever wondered why they were depicted as terrible animals disguised as humans? The thing that offends me is that these people only feel bad for the Indians because they lost their land. They fail to understand that the Indians were THE GREATEST opponent the Europeans ever saw. They fought the “savages” for 400 fucking years and you want to piss and moan about how insensitive it is? I mean the Indians took out a lot of pasty bodies between the years 1540-1924 but that never gets brought up.

There were countless times where the Europeans wanted to give up and give in because the war wasn’t going anywhere until they finally won and it was all over in 1924. That’s why the Europeans were so brutal, they had to be to win and even then so many of them died in the process. The Indians weren’t a bunch of pussies who said “Oh no! Please don’t take our land sir” “Shut up you stupid Indian! I’m gonna kick your ass.” It was more along the lines of

“You want to take my land? Okay, motherfucker, let me draw this bow and send an arrow through the spot between your eyes while your buddy watches and make things a little interesting, huh?”

Give the Indians some credit for crying out loud. They were warriors defending something they loved and ultimately a lot of them gave their lives for something they were passionate about. They were men and women of honor and integrity. They were ruthless to the Europeans just as much as they were to the Indians. Let’s tip our cap to them and give them some respect for not backing down for 400 years. Trust me, if the Indians would have just bowed down to the Europeans they wouldn’t have killed hardly any of them because they wouldn’t be a threat.

A lot of Indian reservation high schools are called the “Indians” and they have a feather wearing dude as the logo. Is that not offensive to them because they’re Indians and there is a double standard? I think it should be a sign that most true Indians don’t really give a fuck about a logo.

Other Mascots


We call the Vikings the Vikings because they were warriors. They raided villages and towns and killed an unbelievable amount of people. They also kidnapped all of the pretty women and took them when they left. These guys were insanely aggressive and nobody says a word about how Minnesota glorifies a culture of men raiding towns, killing innocent people and kidnapping their women.

We call Detroit the “Tigers” and tigers, in the wild, kill countless innocent animals every day. Where is PETA at on that one? What about the Oakland “A’s”? Aren’t they offensive for excluding people who aren’t athletic? It’s a fucking mascot. It shouldn’t be this big of a deal.

Let us all take a deep breath and have a beer with one another and just relax for a little bit. Chief Wahoo isn’t hurting anyone.

But, since the Indians will no longer have good ole Chief Wahoo after this season, here is a tribute to all of the other past logos that I wish were still around.

Cocaine Tiger
Choir singing Brave
“Hut Hut HIKE” the Patriot
House cat the predator
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