Just an all-timer picture right here. Usually, the ESPN cameras are scanning the crowd looking for surprised faces of people who are in disbelief. Or, they’re looking for the best looking for the best girls as per the request of Brent Musburger. You don’t find the cameras getting a nice shot of a potential near senior, yet still in pretty good shape citizen reading a book in the stands. It’s just something that doesn’t happen very often. But this isn’t just any ordinary Florida St. squad. This is the 2018 Florida St. Seminoles. A team that is currently 4-3 with a bad loss to Syracuse whose coach is doing an underwhelming job at best in replacing a coach who won a ton of games. They’re playing the 2nd ranked Clemson Tigers at home in a game where no one expected to much from Florida St. and the score is 52-3 with 29 seconds left in the 3rd. Expectations were met, but no one was ready to see a shirtless old guy reading a book during the game.

Couple Things

Some questions need to be asked here. First, is this guy some sort of a jerk for reading a book at a football game or a genius for knowing beforehand that the game would probably get out of hand to the point where reading a book is an acceptable thing to do? Secondly, what’s he reading? Couldn’t tell you what’s hot in the streets in terms of reading besides whatever book was written this week about Trump. I’m hoping that it’s something Tom Clancy. Those seem interesting, for books. Lastly, does Florida St. cancel the rest of season because of this? Like when they’re looking for a new pope, they signify that they found one by having white smoke come out of a chimney. Does a college football season officially get cancelled when an old guy is reading a paper back novel in the bleachers? I think the answer has to be yes. Wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Seminoles to get a leg up on scouting. 

Final Verdict

Whatever happens going forward, it is confirmed that the 2018 Florida St. Seminoles = old guy not wearing a shirt who’s in a quiet enough space to read a book.


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