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It is the time of year when sleeves are on, jackets are worn, and you can see each breath a player makes. Screw the West Coast teams with their warm weather. Nothing screams playoff baseball like a little chill and some Joe Buck. Yes I actually enjoy the voice of Joe Buck talking about baseball. Most people seem to not like the man, but when it comes to playoff baseball I am all in. It’s that familiar voice that sets the tone and reminds you how much you love the game of baseball.


162 games (163 if you are the Cubs, Brewers, Dodgers, and Rockies) later and yes you may watch Major League Baseball again. America’s past time has now reached the point of the season where each game actually matters. The baseball nerds of the world would argue that the other 162 games matter, but I would have to disagree with them since they had to play 2 extra games to decide a division winner…

Public Announcement: The Wild Card is in fact part of the Playoffs

I don’t care who thinks otherwise, at the end of the day there will be a little image at the corner of my television that reads postseason baseball. In fact the wild card has given us some of the best post season games. One game, win or go home. All of those “pointless” games come down to this. A perfect example of why these games matter is a classic Wild Card game that took place back in 2014. The Kansas City Royals were down 7-3 through six innings and ended up winning 8-7 after a miraculous comeback to go along with an extra inning battle.


This Year’s Wild Card

Chicago Cubs vs Colorado Rockies (Tonight @8:00 p.m. on ESPN)

Both teams lost their division deciding games last night and now they are in a win or go home situation. The MLB really screwed these two teams. Mainly the Rockies because they had to travel to Chicago last night for this game. Although it seems like that is an advantage for the Cubs, the Rockies really don’t have much to lose. This Cubs team has a World Series roster that is not supposed to be in this game. The Rockies were not supposed to be here. This is a success so far and that mentality might help them pull the upset tonight in a rowdy Wrigley Field.

New York Yankees vs. Oakland Athletics (October 3rd @8:00 p.m. on TBS)

Well would you look what we have here… An absolute power house of a line up in the Yankees, against a young rising Athletics with a damaged pitching rotation. If you had to put your money all on one team to win this game you have to go with the Yankees. I mean they are a 100 win team that fell 8 games behind a practically perfect season from the Boston Red Sox. But, you see, that is what makes the Wild Card so much fun. The Yankees are easily one of the most entertaining franchises in baseball. A lot of fun to watch. Baseball is better when the Yankees are good and making a lot of noise. With all that being said, there is a reason why the game isn’t timed. It takes 27 outs to win a game, anything can happen. One game can end a team’s hopes and dreams of a World Series. Who are you to tell the A’s they can’t do it.

Baseball is back, and tonight you find out why…

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