The Boston Red Sox rolled through the 2018 season on the way to claiming the team’s ninth World Series title and fourth since 2004. Now the fun really begins in Boston, the Duck Boats will be full and the alcohol will be flowing in quantities we can’t fully comprehend. When things become too much fun, I am here to help you convince your wife to name your newborn after one Boston contributor.

Joe Kelly

While the numbers were slightly up from the 2017 season, Kelly was far from the first call for Cora out of the bullpen. Kelly’s incredible run in the postseason is a key reason as to why he and his teammates will be getting some new rings to show off. Kelly tossed 11 1/3’s innings for the Sox striking out 13-batters and surrendering just one run and no walks. In the World Series, Kelly appeared in all five games striking out 10-Dodgers in six innings pitched.

Joe Kelly might not be the first guy that comes to mind when you are thinking about guys to name your kid after but he should get more consideration. This is because, well, he’s a badass and you can name either your son or daughter after him, which is critical when it comes to getting your wife on board. April 11th was when Kelly’s name got thrown into the hat of potential names. The night he threw at Yankees’ Tyler Austin, following a hard slide into second which resulted in Brock Holt being spiked in the top of the third inning.

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In the top of the seventh inning, Kelly hit Austin with a 98mph fastball. Austin slammed his bat in frustration but did not seem like he wanted to get in an all-out brawl. The benches were always going to clear because Austin did take a few steps towards the mound but it was not until Kelly told Austin to “Come on” that all hell broke loose.

Hitting Austin is a power move from the start but calling him out is an all-time moment in sports fights. Being able to land a few shots on Austin who is listed at 6’2, 220 adds to the disrespect and embarrassment that Austin will have to deal with for the rest of his career. Kelly spent his suspension sitting with the fans in the outfield in Fenway Park and partying it up at Bruins games. His job was done; he started a melee against the dreaded Yankees.

Do You Want Your Kid to be a Badass?

Kelly did not stop there though. He decided to pitch the best he has all year, all postseason and even better in the World Series. This solidified now naming your son Joe, or Daughter Kelly, after the flame-throwing righty that pitches with an emotion that is not shown off enough.

So, if you are ready to have a badass kid, name them after the guy pumping 100 from the mound, standing up for his teammates, and now, is a World Series Champion.

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