Another week of fighting has passed us by. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful and brutal action that occurred over the weekend.

Yair Rodriguez ARE YOU SERIOUS?

It would be cruel not to start with what is maybe one of the best knockouts in UFC history. This was literally the last second of a 25-Minute brawl between Yair “El Pantera” Rodriguez and Chan Sung Jung, AKA “The Korean Zombie”. This was the first fight in over a year for both men, and it was on it’s way to a decision that could’ve went either way. Rodriguez was throwing everything he had at Jung, and nothing had really landed with power…… until this upward elbow of course. Just wow.

Usyk Retires Bellew

It’s a sad end for the career of the beloved Evertonian Tony Bellew. He came out of the gates strong but ultimately fatigued and succumbed to the BEAST that it Oleksander Usyk. Would love to see the Ukranian move up to Heavyweight and challenge the best of the best.

Oleg Borisov Has HEAVY Hands

Not much to say about this one. Oleg Borisov is an absolute tank at Bantamweight. This past weekend at ACB 90 he caught a body. Late replacement Thiago Henrique unfortunately fell victim to a killer left hook.

Head Kick From Hell

ONE Championship may have acquired Mighty Mouse and Eddie Alvarez, but let’s not look forward to their debuts. If you do, you’ll miss absolute killer KO’s like this head kick from Anthony Engelen. Ouch.

Killer Combo

This combination is beautiful…. and brutal. Ramazanov made quick work of the Scotsman Miller. That uppercut though.

Hit em With the Left

And finally, back at ACB 90, Rasul Mirsaev does his best Dan Henderson impression with this killer left hand followed by a flying elbow for good measure. Violence people, violence.

This is my first installment of documenting the beautiful brutality that occurs in fighting promotions around the world. MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and every other martial art out there produce violence in a safer space to showcase to the world. 

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