This is excellent stuff all around. Houston’s coach, Kelvin Sampson, starring at his guys as they catch their breath during a timeout, as if the answers to their problems are very simple. The players who are sucking wind looking for any kind of advice on what to do out there only to have their coach write Mistakes on a clipboard. That’s it. Just Mistakes on that side of the court. How do you fix it? Mistakes, that’s the answer. Just stop making mistakes and we’ll be fine guys. Seems pretty simple

The guy leaning over standing up makes the picture that much better. He looks so interested in Sampson’s clipboard that just has Mistakes written on it like it was the smartest thing ever written down. Sampson looking at his guys as if they should of known that making mistakes is a bad thing.

I just really love this picture and it was the perfect start to my day. Thank you Kelvin Sampson.

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