Much like a Stanton single off of the Green Monster, the Yankees season was extremely disappointing. With the second highest payroll in baseball, the “Evil Empire” was back, and it was World Series or bust. Unfortunately, they paid Gerrit Cole $324 million to pitch two innings in a do or die game, and the Bronx Bombers get to spend October helping their kids pick out a Halloween costume. The New York fans/media are accepting that the Red Sox were simply the better team, right? Oh, they’re whining about literally everything?

The Fans Were Mean to Gerrit Cole

Ah yes, the aforementioned $324 million man was heckled in his biggest rival’s home ballpark. Who could have seen this coming? Actually, why is this a story? In a rivalry with moments like fans throwing baseballs at the players, plunking batters, and Pedro Martinez knocking a senior citizen on his ass, heckling is where we draw the line? A Kermit the Frog puppet and some mean words? And were the words actually that mean?

No, that sounds pretty ta… Wait, those heckles actually sound very familiar.

Let’s not forget New York fans’ treatment of Greinke’s mental health issues or spitting on Jason Varitek’s nine year old child. So Yankees fans are soft and hypocrites. Got it. But surely they didn’t have much to complain about.

Boo Hoo, the Green Monster is Too High

Yes, the Green Monster is tall. However, Fenway has the shallowest left field in baseball at 310 feet. Just because the new Yankee Stadium is a joke and has comparable HR numbers to Coors Field doesn’t mean every other field is unfair. Just tell Stanton to hit the gym a little more, maybe get on that A-Rod training regimen, and move on.

But 27 Rings

Before I get into how stupid the “27 Rings” argument is, I would like to sincerely thank Liz for this one. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ok, back to the blog. The “27 Rings” argument is the dumbest argument in the world. 20 of those rings came before US involvement in Vietnam, and 26 of them came before the War on Terror. That leaves one ring, that was won over a decade ago. There are literally kids in college who kind of remember the Yankees last World Series win, but probably couldn’t stay up to watch it because they were six. Why do Yankees fans feel the need to brag about rings that were won 30 years before they were born, or the “Curse of the Bambino” that was ended 17 years ago? Oh right, because they are soft.

This is Just Funny to Me

These aren’t examples of a Yankees fan being soft, but this is just hysterical.

Just a Series of Unfortunate Events by Sidekick Samir on this one.

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