Ladies and Gents, welcome back to the Korner-Booth.

Last week I shot a lot better than week one, and nailed USC Losing to Texas. But without further ado, let’s jump in to it.

NCAA Week 3

Fau vs. 16 UCF

“National champs” take this one easy.

10 Penn St vs. Illinois

Penn State.

FIU vs. 21 Miami

It’s all About the U.

2 Georgia vs. Mizzu


Neb vs. 19 Mich

Big Blue.


22 BC vs. Purdue

BC is interesting…

8 Norte Dame vs. Wake Forest


K State vs. 12 WVU

Take me hooome…country roooooad… West Virginia.

3 Clemson vs. GT


13 VA Tech vs. Old Dominion

Beamer ball keeps Va Tech winning.

Tulane vs. 4 Ohio State

Ohio State.

17 TCU vs. Texas

Upset pick of the week. Texas takes Advantage of TCU coming off a tough loss to Ohio State. Texas is good, I’m buying the hype!

McNeese vs. 25 BYU


14 Miss St vs. Kentucky


La Tech vs. 6 LSU

LSU is the best team in the country… you heard it here first.

Army vs. 5 Okla


Texas Tech vs. 15 Okla St.

Oklahoma St.

Arkansas vs. 9 Auburn


24 Mich. St vs. Indiana

Sparty wins.

18 Wisconsin vs Iowa

Wisconsin bounces back but it’s close.

ASU vs. 10 Washington


7 Stanford vs. 20 Oregon

Stanford is just too much for an underwhelming Oregon team.


22 Texas A&M vs. 1 Alabama

Alabama is scary and A&M won’t surprise them like they did to Clemson. So in summary… Roll tide.

NFL Week 3

Eagles vs. Colts

Carson “Baby Goat” Wentz is back along with the Eagles offense which should take advantage of a very average Colts team. Eagles by 10.

Saints vs. Falcons

Falcons are going to shred a bad Saints team. Proves that some teams cant handle success or get over a tough loss from the year before.

Packers vs. Redskins

Packers take…. Redskins are “Meh”.

Bills vs. Vikings

Vikings by a lot. The Bills need a miracle.

Raiders vs. Dolphins

Raiders on the west coast for a 1pm game means they will lose to a very surprising Dolphins team. Close game, though. 

Broncos vs. Ravens

Ravens, at home, bounce back and take care of a very middle of the road Broncos team.

Bengals vs. Panthers

Two very good teams… but no Joe Mixon has me leaning Panthers. Super Cam gets the Panthers back in the win column.


Giants vs. Texans

Watson is slowly getting back to form. With a healthy lineup against a struggling Giants roster, look for him to be back to full form. It also helps that Barkley should have some trouble with the Texans defense. Texas by at least 10.

Titans vs. Jaguars

Jags… by a lot… they’re the best team in the AFC!

49ers vs. Chiefs

Chiefs are still riding a hot streak. I don’t see them slowing down just yet and we all know Mahomes is a beast.

Chargers vs. Rams

Battle of LA ends with a Rams win. This will be close, though, this is a very good Chargers team.

Cowboys vs. Seahawks

Cowboys, but it’s going to be close. Both are very middle of the road teams.

Bears vs. Cardinals

Bears…. Cardinals are bad, and Khalil Mack is very good.

Patriots vs. Lions

Lions are going to make it close… but the Patriots get the road win. I’m not sold on the Lions coaching staff.

Steelers vs. Bucs

Fitzmagic continues and the Steelers continue to unravel.

Last call: Folks, this is a new Addition to “Korner-Booth” where I give my 2 cents on something from the football world.  This week, it’s Baker Mayfield and the Browns getting their first W, Thursday Night over the Jets. Over 600 days since there last win…yikes. But this may not be the last time we see the Browns celebrating a win. The culture that the Browns have built with Hue Jackson and John Dorsey is a winning one. And no QB in this class fits better for this team than Baker. As a big fan of Baker personally, this is the best thing I could see for him. He looked really good in that game.

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