First things first, this is about Nike, not Colin. Ok? Ok, let’s do this. I wasn’t going to write an article on this topic because it’s been sliced, diced, and strewn all over the internet at this point. BUT, y’all know my two cents is free by now, so I’m gonna lay it out there. If you live under a rock, Nike released a Labor Day ad that looked something like this:

I’m going to get real with you guys, for a second. They really did it this time, didn’t they?! Nike inserted themselves into the most talked about issue that currently tiptoes the fragile line between sports and political issues. What better way to stay relevant than to insert yourself into the nation-wide argument that simply won’t die? It’s a fearless attitude and I love it. On top of that, they reportedly didn’t tell the NFL they were going to release said ad. The savagery just keeps going!

The Effects

Wow, this is a hard life, guys. Before, we just had to pick a side. Now this issue is affecting our closets?? Where does it end?! Ok, it’s not actually affecting MY closet, but some of you can’t say the same. People are literally burning their Nike apparel, which might be one of the most illogical and irrational ideas ever. Everybody knows Nike hasn’t always been a saint, but this is what tips you over the edge? C’mon man, that’s weak. We could talk all day about Nike’s moral peaks and valleys, but that’s for another time.

Honestly, straight up, here is where I stand on the kneeling matter. Should Kap, and now others, be kneeling during the anthem to raise awareness for nation-wide social injustice? No. Should he be allowed to do so? Yes.

It really is that easy, folks. You can disagree with someone, still hold onto your values, AND not hold a grudge against them for being different. Isn’t that wild?! For some reason, there are people who cannot grasp this. And there’s a lot of them.

Sports and Politics

Most often, people will argue their beliefs until they’re chartreuse in the face, but no one will change their opinion. Yeah, conversion happens, I’m not an idiot, but it’s rare. Think of being a fan. I’m die-hard Detroit hockey, and I will go toe-to-toe with any Blackhawk fan out there, but I’m not going to switch sides. Why, though, can I still shake the Blackhawk fan’s at the end of the day, but can’t even get looked in the eye by Mr. Socialism who just cussed out my views? I’ve found the fundamental difference between the two. I’ve found why our political views get more heated than our sports banter.

It’s the amount of weight you put on your opponent’s information. When a rival gets in your face about who is better, you instantly label everything you hear as bullshit. You know your team is better, you know your team is tougher, and nothing he/she tells you is going to change that fundamental truth. Yet, when Joe Shmo wants to tell you why Kap is right for kneeling and that Nike is all about social justice, you all of a sudden care so much. How could he say that?! How could he think that’s right?! WHO CARES. So, he thinks Kap should be kneeling… doesn’t mean Joe Shmo has suddenly declared you as the dumbest person on earth, so stop acting like it. You can respect him for his belief while still knowing, deep down, that he cannot change your fundamental truth. It’s about who you are, stop trying to making it about how many people you can get to agree with you.

Pick a Side

Nah, bruh. I’m not on Nike’s side. I’m not NOT on Nike’s side, either. I buy Nike stuff for the function of the product, not who it puts on its ads. That’s stupid. My point of the matter is this: whatever side you believe, stop shoving it down other people’s throat. I don’t care what side you’re on, because it makes no difference to me in any way, shape or form. Go on with your bad self. I mean, stop burning stuff, I’ll pick a side on that. Donate it if you don’t want it, morons. But other than that, don’t expect me to bat an eye when you tell me you agree or disagree with kneeling during the anthem. I don’t care. Don’t expect me to bat an eye when you tell me Nike does or doesn’t support the troops based on an ad partnership. I don’t care.

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PS. Nike has been paying Kap the whole time. If he wins his collusion case against the NFL, the man may successfully swindle the entire country into debating each other while he makes off with millions without a job. My hat’s off. I’d probably have to think of something similar if I lost to Joe Flacco in the Super Bowl, too.

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