Yep, it’s time we are back for more and here to recap some hot takes from Week 3 in the NFL! Get your mouse a clicking and let us know what you think each week!

The NFC North is confused.

Don’t bet on the Vikings..

The Lion’s could be the best team in football. Key word “Could”
(Yes, I know I said last week they were the worst team in football.)

The Bills don’t need Fitzpatrick, they have Josh Allen.

The list of NFL QB’s to throw from 400 yards in 3 consecutive games: Ryan “Fitmagic” (That is all).

Patrick Mahomes continues on, he is going to be a bad man!

Clearly the Saints and Falcons don’t practice defense. 

The Titans and Jaguars can’t score TD’s.

BROWNS FANS: The good news, the Browns won a game! The bad news, Hue Jackson is still your coach.

Baker Mayfield will be the best QB in this class.

Chris Conte should of taken a page out of Vontae Davis book and retired at halftime!

The NFL hates Clay Matthews and I am starting to agree.

Cam Newton may be the most annoying player to watch in the NFL, EVER.

The Cardinals, Raiders and Texans are all still win less (Path to 0-16).

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(All items above are subject to change after week 4)

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