MLB teams continue to focus on utility position.

Teams are now looking towards players who can play multiple positions, it is now seen as a strategy. Several MLB teams have made it focus of their offseason plans to shore up their bench and add flexibility to their rosters.

Its been a slow offseason for MLB as far as signings and trades go. Many teams have reinforced positions that they have strength in and restocked with players who can play different positions. It seems like the game is leaning more towards being able to be flexible with the game plan. Partially due to the rise of statistics and more teams using those when deciding their lineups each night.

The Mets acquired Robinson Cano and signed Jed Lowrie to help shire up their infield. The Padres  signed Ian Kinsler even though they have plenty of prospects at the second base position, he may be used in many ways. Even the Yankees have bought into the utility player popularity, signing Troy Tulowitizki and DJ Lemahieu. They have a stock pile of players in the infield but they hope to use these players at different positions.

The latest fade in MLB see productive players moonlighting at different positions giving teams flexibility. It has been good for older players to be able to continue to play past their prime. Also prospects are finding more opportunities with the utility role. It has been good for MLB and it does not look to be going away anytime soon.

Expect to see a rise in utility players in the future . It will be interesting to see how this strategy works for teams like the Yankees and Mets who are used to traditional baseball strategies. An exciting time in baseball with plenty more opportunities due to the utility role.

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