Who said the Pro Bowl was boring and worthless(everybody)? It’s all fun and games at the Pro Bowl until Jamal Adams decides to decleat the Patriots mascot and ends up putting him in the hospital. Fortunately, Jamal Adams is a man who when he does something wrong, even if he was just trying to be funny and a joke got away from him, has enough humility and humanity for a people that he hurts who are non-athletes, who has no idea that a defensive sledge hammer was treating himself like a scud missile.

Obviously, Jamal Adams is not a fan of the Patriots making the Super Bowl and you can definitely assume he thinks the overtime rules should be changed. Perhaps, he didn’t know how to express his feelings about it besides sneak attacking this guy who’s only job is to make people feel good at Patriot’s game, which can’t be that hard due to all the winning. But, this mascot sort of of should of known better because the Pro Bowl is no place for taking anything for granted. Just ask Brian Moorman.

BTW- It be amazing if one, this mascot has to be put in the concussion protocol, two, if Adams has to pay a fine, gets suspended or even gets charged with assault, and three, mascots all around the world start wearing a black patch on their arm to pay tribute to Pat the Patriot. Shame on the Patriots if they don’t during the Big Game.

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