In September of 2018, myself and my good friend, fellow BellyUp Sports writer, Hunter Shelton had the honor and privilege to see All In live in Chicago. The show sold out in just under half an hour. All In was the Young Bucks & Cody’s idea of what what wrestling should be. At the time, no one thought these men would change the entire wrestling landscape in only a few short months.

All In would only be the beginning of the Bucks and Cody’s vision. Soon after, they would create All Elite Wrestling (AEW). AEW has signed many of the top stars from around the world already. From SCU, to Chris Jericho, to the most recent signing, Kenny Omega.

Double or Nothing

AEW Double Or Nothing

At AEW’s first rally, they announced their 1st show will take place on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Only a few weeks later, the pre-sale tickets would go on sale, selling out in just under 10 minutes. Earlier today, general tickets were released to the public and sold out completely in 4 minutes. 4 minutes! There are only 3 matches announced so far: Alpha vs Omega 2, Hangman Page vs PAC, and Britt Baker vs Nyla Rose vs Kylie Ray.

11,600 seats will be filled on May 25 in Las Vegas. The expectations are high, but just like All In, this show will exceed expectations. The hype surrounding AEW is like nothing ever seen before in pro wrestling. Fans want an alternative to WWE and that’s exactly what AEW is going to give them.

What’s next for AEW?

AEW Double Or Nothing

The card for Double or Nothing is far from being complete. In the next couple months, expect to see many signings for indy wrestlers as well as some bigger names. AEW isn’t just looking to showcase huge faces, they want to make new stars as well. Guys like Sammy Guevara will makes names for themselves here.

Many have speculated what AEW’s next moves will be after Double or Nothing. WrestleTalk TV has reported in the last couple of days AEW’s alleged schedule for the next year:

  • May 25: Double Or Nothing – MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas
  • June 2019: Unspecified US show
  • July 2019: Already announced Jacksonville show
  • Aug. 2019: Royal Albert Hall, London, England
  • Sept. 2019: All Out – Sears Center, Chicago
  • Oct. 2019: Weekly TV starts

While it remains to be seen what AEW will do next, there’s no denying this company is in demand and they haven’t even run a show yet.

With that being said, they’ll sell their next show out in 2 minutes!

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