SmackDown Live comes to us tonight from Everrett, Washington!

The Man and Triple H Face to Face

Charlotte Flair kicked off SmackDown Live tonight. They replayed Becky Lynch and Stephanie McMahon’s segment from last night. Flair says she knows someone who is 100% and that’s her and she should be the one to take Becky’s place. Becky, who is suspended from WWE, came through the arena. She gets in the ring and officials hold her back.

Triple H comes out and says that’s enough. He tells Becky that she needs to go home and that this doesn’t concern Flair. Triple H says that she needs to go see a doctor. Becky says she doesn’t trust him and asks how Steph is, after she punched her in the face last night.

Triple H tells Becky that she’s not The Man, but a self-destructor who’s afraid to fail and that she’s looking for a way out. He says Becky knew fighting Ronda at Survivor Series was a suicide mission and continues to use convenient excuses to get out of everything. She won’t go see the doctor because she’s looking for an excuse, a way out. He doesn’t believe that she’s even injured. She’s scared that the doctors will clear her and that Rousey will expose her for the fraud she is at Wrestlemania.

Lynch slapped Triple H, making this the second night in a row that Lynch put her hands on a McMahon. After this, she went back up the crowd and left . This was a fantastic segment to open the show and I don’t know about you, but i’m fully invested in this story. Hopefully Vince is next!

Randy Orton vs Mustafa Ali

Orton & Ali are two of the competitors that will be challenging for the WWE championship inside Elimination Chamber later this month. Tonight, however, they were scheduled to go one on one. Both men looked awesome in this back and forth match. The finish was great as well, Ali was on the top rope for an 054 but Orton swept his leg out from under him and hit him with an RKO in mid air. Great stuff.

Samoa Joe, another man who will be in the Elimination Chamber match, came out of nowhere and took both men out. All three men looked fantastic in this match and angle after. Joe has been fantastic these last few weeks!

Daniel Bryan & Jeff Hardy

Bryan is in his home state and was announced as ‘Washington’s favorite son’. He says he’s happy he can talk to people who finally get what he’s trying to do. He puts the crowd over and bashes everyone else who’s not from Washington. Daniel says he’s fighting an uphill battle and that’s why he made the new WWE title.

Bryan says not only is his title a symbol of excellence, it’s a symbol of change. Rowan takes the mic and says people fear guys like him and Bryan because of their ideas. Bryan also isn’t happy he has to defend his title in Elimination Chamber. He says that he can’t have someone else win and put it back on a leather strap. This was a great promo. Daniel Bryan continues to have the best character work on the main roster.

Bryan wrestled Jeff Hardy in the night’s main event in a solid match. As Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb, Rowan picked Hardy out of the ring and Bryan applied the yes lock to Hardy. Joe comes out from the crowd and chokes out the champion. Orton’s out next as well as Mustafa Ali. AJ Styles music hits and runs down to join the fray. Chaos ensues as AJ wipes out everyone as Bryan runs back up the ramp.

Overall, a great episode of SmackDown Live! The Elimination Chamber matches are being put in the spotlight as well as Charlotte and Becky Lynch doing great stuff to open the show. Also, that RKO though! This was a great two hours of pro wrestling!

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