Texas Tech has advanced to the NCAA Mens Basketball Finals as a three seed. They seemed to have accomplished this under the radar. For example, before the tournament, not many critics or fans outside of their own knew about them. In addition, perhaps they didn’t receive much coverage. Nonetheless, they have done the same during the regular season and tournament. In brief, they went from a “no Name” team in the tournament to a contender instantly. If they win the 2019 NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball National Championship, they will go from no names to a team everyone knows. They play in the Big 12 conference which is one of the power five schools. Win or lose, they have made a name for themselves. Of course they will want to win. Ironically, they were ranked a three seed despite being under fans and some critics radars.

Journey to NCAA Finals

They defeated some teams from prominent schools on their way to the finals, including Michigan, Gonzaga, and most recently Michigan State. This team did not have an easy road to the Finals. In a sense you can count the Red Raiders as underdogs in the Finals. They are a complete team who matches up well with their opponent the Virginia Cavaliers. The Red Raiders like to go fast like Auburn. However, they can slow down the tempo of the game as well just like Virginia. Coach Chris Beard and the Red Raiders are a team with some experience. Virginia is a young team who has not been here before, This is a new destination for both teams.

Texas Tech won their last game despite being out-rebounded 36-30 according to espn.com. This is because they made more field goals than their opponent. If the Red Raiders expect to win this game, they need to control the tempo, rebound, and make free throws. Their opponent likes to control the tempo by slowing the game down. However, if the Red Raiders can go fast, they will have a higher percentage chance of winning and earning trips to the free throw line. The starters for the Red Raiders can all shoot from beyond the arc, drive to the rim, play defense, and are full of energy.

Closing Remarks

They all feed off of each other. This is evident in the fact one of their many star players, Jarrett Culver, was struggling to make baskets. However, when it counted most, Culver made the basket to send them to the Finals. Matt Mooney was the player who helped lead the team to the Finals. It was all a team effort and not an individual effort. In conclusion, if they all play as a team again and are making their shots, then they will win the NCAA Finals.

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