As a wrestling fan we have our dream matches. A current vs a hall of famer is always the best. How about when a queen meets stratusfaction? That’s in my book of dream matches and it’s going to be happening at SummerSlam.

Queen Meets Stratusfaction

Over the years of the women’s evolution in the WWE, all females seem to make their impression on the division. One of the true Trail Blazers of the company, thinks it’s time to show a current female wrestler, what it means of the real definition of “trail blazer”. WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus will take on the “Queen” Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam. Stratus is a 7x Women’s Champion, and Flair broke the record for the most reigns in the women’s division back in May at Money in the Bank. The Queen became a 9x Women’s Champion.

Stratus may have something up her sleeve to teach the daughter of Ric Flair a lesson, to who is the real woman. The Hall of Famer said, last week on SmackDown Live: “To be the woman, you have to beat the woman.”

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Regardless of the outcome of this match, if the booking is right it will be a great match. A legend and a future legend wrestling will be a great match; and is definitely a dream match. This match could lead to many dream matches in the future.

I am looking forward to this match at SummerSlam. I love both woman and will be happy with the outcome either way. Flair and Stratus have made history through their careers; and will keep making history in the future, rather it’s inside or outside the ring. What are you dream matches? I know I have a few I would love to see.

Feel free to comment below your dream matches. Let’s get ready for SummerSlam, as we see when Queen Meets Stratusfaction!

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