Are you ready for three races again in one week? We over at the racing department sure are, and that means we are back for some fantasy live picks again for tonight’s race! So let’s get on with these Charlotte race number two picks!

Driver #1Tyler Reddick Jimmie Johnson Aric AlmirolaMartin Truex Jr.Kurt Busch
Driver #2Chase ElliottWilliam ByronTyler Reddick Alex BowmanMartin Truex Jr
Driver #3Kevin HarvickAustin Dillon Kurt Busch Austin Dillon Chase Elliott
Driver #4Ryan Blaney Tyler ReddickRyan Blaney William Byron Clint Bowyer
Driver #5Alex BowmanKurt BuschClint BowyerChase ElliottJimmie Johnson
GarageJimmie Johnson Kyle BuschDenny HamlinRyan Blaney Joey Logano
Stage 1 WinnerAlex Bowman William Byron Martin Truex Jr.Alex Bowman Chase Elliott
Stage 2 WinnerChase ElliottAlex BowmanKyle Busch Joey Logano Martin Truex Jr
Race WinnerChase ElliottJimmie Johnson Chase ElliottMartin Truex Jr. Chase Elliott

Well, tonight we have the second Charlotte race of the week. After the Coca Cola 600 becoming the longest race in NASCAR history the other night another race could be good for us all. As you can see though the gracious host of the Hot Lap Podcast decided once again to not participate. I’m beginning to think that he may actually be busy. With like his real-life job and all. However, I don’t know he is on Twitter a lot. I guess we shall see how he fairs for tonight’s race.

Trash Talk is Back?

I guess with me calling out everyone they all decided to pick things up a hair this week. As seen above you can see the current standings after Sunday nights race. I jumped Mike, finally after a rough few weeks to jump into the top five solidly at fourth. However that led to him coming up with a new excuse this week, and then Blaine threatening me awfully violently.

As you see above Rattlesnake had to comment once again on how horrible we all are as a team. This then led to a little bit of a personal shot being taken by Mike toward Rattlesnakes driver Austin Dillon.

After my weekly reminder I got picks from everyone then might I say once again Rattlesnake had to comment on how horrible we are, like come on man? We are trying! At least we aren’t forgetting race day like you.

After repeated comments about saving “Big Dogs” I figured I would make it known I am using them up to an extent to pass these guys. However, Trey’s big brain thinking led to a highly possibly outcome for the rest of us, everyone knows that snakes like to get a little rowdy every once in awhile.

Charlotte Conclusion For Now

Listen, honestly this is my favorite article to type up each week. Because this band of idiot’s just has fun with it, at the end of the day this is a serious contest though. We have all talked about the looser having to do something embarrassing to post on the racing Twitter page. However what we haven’t talked about is the winner is getting some cold hard cash at the end of the season. Possibly even a trophy if we can find one.

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